Tragan: "We have a group of government officials trapped in a building, surrounded by an angry mob screaming for their head. If there's going to be an easy day for you, it isn't today."
Hilsher: "Sorry to say this, but... All of them? I mean isn't this all the governor's fault in the first place?"
Tragan: "Doesn't matter, Hilsher. We have the order from State to get them all out alive, so that's what you're going to do."
— Tragan to Hislher during the mission briefing.
Show Trial
Previous level Precious Cargo
Next level Safeguard
Game Warzone: Shade
Character Cpl. Dalton
Team Shade
Weapons SDM-R w/Hybrid Sight

Lusa A2 w/Red Dot Sight

Enemy weapons RFB w/various attachments

Abakan w/various attachments

Galil ACE w/various attachments

Lusa A2 w/various attachments

FLG w/various attachments

SPAS-15 w/various attachments

"Show Trial" is the sixth campaign mission of Warzone: Shade. It involves Shade


Main article: Show Trial/Transcript

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