Scorched is a large-sized map featured in Warzone: Evolved.


Scorched takes place in a urban district under siege and devestated by war. The map features many destroyed buildings and there are many fires burning throughout the map. It has a 3-lane design, with many small alleyways connecting the main 3 lanes. Most weapons can be used effectivily, as inside the buildings close quarters domiante, while outside medium and long rnage engagements occur. The player can easily stick to the engagement he prefers without having to be in a disliked position. There are also elevated positions that can be used to cover the main lanes. Scorched has the biggest area of all maps.

Map ExclusivesEdit

  • During the match at a random given moment, the losing team will call in the tactical scorestreak Hellfire, which is a heavy salvo fire used to bury everyone. During this streak, all players need to move to a second half of the map, while dodging missile impacts. 

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