Grace Harper
Grace Harper
Birth date April 16th, 1972
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye colour Brown
Race/ethnicity White
Nationality American
Blood type A-
Occupation Smuggler
Age 25
Status Alive
Appearances Echo
Portrayed by Nina Dobrev (Echo)
"I want you to tell us where our gear is, Novak, or I will have to react to all the times you've fucked up in the past months."
―Grace, interrogating Sidney Novak.
Grace Harper is a main character in the reMAKE franchise. She is the central character in the CBS drama Echo, in which she is portrayed by Nina Dobrev.


Grace Haper is a 25-year old female that was born in Echo, a division of the FRNA, after the nuclear war into a poor and abused family that was continuously denied supplies and rations due to their low standing. Her family never registered her birth, causing her to be one of very few uncoded citizens. Due to this, she was never permitted into any school, which led to her being schooled as much as possible by her parents. When she was 16, her parents finally lashed out to their poor treatment and were killed.

For six years, Grace was a recluse, and was a mostly broken individual. She spent a lot of time reading educational books and literature, gaining an education she was denied in her early years. She made her first kill, without hesitation, on a member of the EPF who was searching the abandoned building she was camping in. Her lack of emotion for years led this to be an irrelevant event for her, and she had no issues with killing people who may have threatened her for the following years. In 1994, she joined Centrepiece, who welcomed her due to her uncoded status. Within three years she became one of the top members of the group, planning and taking part in smuggling mission throughout the divison.


Due to her family's poor standing, Grace was never very social, and her unregistered status meant that she couldn't be sent to school without her family potentially being killed. She was treated well by her family, but was constantly lonely, and was constantly at risk of being caught. When her parents her parents were killed, the six years she spent in recluse led her to be constantly angry or upset, although she spent a lot of time learning and reading. When she first killed at the age of 19, her reaction was near non-existent, as her emotions were long absent. She was still largely detached for months after joining Centrepiece, but gradually became more open as she began to associate with people for the first time in years.

As an adult, she is fairly approachable, although snarky, most of the time, but doesn't hesitate being cold and violent when necessary. Her time spent learning during her recluse has led to her being educated in literature and mathematics, and she is largely considered to be the most intelligent member of Centrepiece. With information such as maps and patrol routes, Grace is often able to formulate some sort of basis of a plan with the help of Hogan Murdock, leader of Centerpiece.

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