Remake Logo
Creator George Alder
Original work Echo
Films and Television
Television series Echo
Video games Eden: Friction
Remake, stylised as reMAKE, is a science fiction entertainment franchise created by George Alder and owned by NINE100 Studios. The framework was created with the intention of branching it out into different mediums, including television, film and gaming. The franchise explores an alternate history where the world has collapsed due to a nuclear war caused by the failure of the Cuban missile crisis negotiations. The collapse led the to the formation of the Federal Republic of North America, a merger of the former nations of the United States and Canada, which is comprised of numerous divisions, abolishing the states and provinces of the former nations.

The universe was first explored in the 2018 television series Echo, which focused on the smuggler Grace Harper and her affiliation Centrepiece, an alleged terrorist group, in the FRNA division of Echo. It demonstrates the grey and grey conflict between anti-government groups, who knowingly kill and commit act of violence, and the federal government, which is highly corrupted, with rations and supplies constantly held back and purportedly treacherous citizens routinely executed.

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