The QSZ-92 is a pistol in Warzone: Shade.

Warzone: ShadeEdit



Magazine Size

Standard: 15 Rounds
Extended Mags: 20 Rounds

Unlocked at

level 5

Starting Ammunition

15+60 (MP)

18+72 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

15+90 (SP&MP)


Reload Time


Rate of Fire

750 RPM cap


Very Low

Used by


"Semi-Automatic. Best performing handgun in range."
―In-game description
The QSZ-92 is a semi-automatic pistol.


The QSZ-92 appears frequently as a sidearm for the MHL.


The QSZ-92 is unlocked as the second pistol, after the MK23. It boasts the lowest damage in close range of any pistol, requiring 4 shots up close. However, the QSZ-92's damage only drops off to 5 shots for the minimum damage. It also has the lowest recoil of all handguns, beating the versatile MK23 and can be used at quite an impressive range, which can be used further than most other peers.

The Extended Mags attachment, while it does give enough bullets to kill at least one more enemy at minimum damage, is probably the least beneficial on the QSZ since it will only gain an additional 5 rounds. However equipping the Suppressor is a wise choice, allowing it to mostly remain within its minimum damage efforts with the worst case scenario being at the very edge of its effective distance requiring 6 bullets to kill.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

  • Suppressor
  • Tactical Knife
  • Laser Sight
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Extended Mags
  • AP Rounds
  • Dual Wield


The QSZ-92 is one of the starting pistols available in Rampant where it features a three round burst fire and a magazine increase to a default 18 rounds.

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