Project Origin: Jurassic Park
Project Origin - Jurassic Park Official Logo
Developer(s) IDI Central
Publisher(s) IDI Publishing
Designer(s) Ethan Sumner
Engine UEE Mk.II
Released WW TBA, 2017
Genre(s) Construction and management simulation
Mode(s) Single player
Ratings BBFC: 15
PEGI: 16
Series Jurassic Park
Platform(s) IDI Fusion
NCS Anima
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Xbox One
Wii U
Media Optical disk, Blu-ray disk, digital download
Main theme
Project Origin - Jurassic Park Theme
"The park is yours."
― Official Game Tagline
Project Origin: Jurassic Park, formerly known as Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis II and stylized as Jurassic Park Project Origin, is an upcoming construction and management simulation game based on the Jurassic Park series. The game is being developed by IDI Central and will be published by IDI Publishing for the Fusion, Anima, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Windows, OS X, and Xbox One.

Despite its original title, Project Origin: Jurassic Park, is not set to be a direct sequel to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and is not canon to either the films or novels. The game is set for release sometime in 2017.


Before the release of Jurassic World in 2015, Universal Studios began searching for developers to create a new generation of video games based off of the Jurassic Park series. In late 2014, Infinite Development Incorporated was contacted by representatives from Universal Studios and asked if the company was interested in creating a game for the series. IDI CEO, Ethan Sumner immediately took up the opportunity. By early 2015, the concept for the game was finalized as a construction and management simulator.

As talks between Universal Studios and IDI were underway, both companies referred to the game as Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis II. The game is said to take place with in the timeline that Jurassic World exists, but the events of the film would have no immediate effect on the gameplay. According to Ethan, the game is largely inspired by the 2003 title, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, and it can be considered its spiritual successor. Ethan said that, "Fans of Operation Genesis have been waiting for ages for a new game to come out in the same style, myself included. Our goal is to not only deliver that Jurassic Park feel, but to also expand on the universe that has been created."

During E3 2K GCU, the game's official title was stated to be Project Origin: Jurassic Park and that the game does not take place during the novel or film canons. Despite this, it was acknowledged that the game is based on the canon created by the films. Over the course of the presentation various pieces of concept art was shown with Ethan notifying the audience that the game, was indeed, in very early development. At the presentation, a partial list of 23 dinosaurs that will be created for the "park", with the information being given to them by InGen. The list does show 37 spots blacked out, showing that a total of 60 species of dinosaur will be featured in the game. DLCs adding in more features, dinosaurs, and related content were confirmed as well.

On June 28, 2015, it was announced that pterosaurs, marine reptiles, and other extinct creatures would not be available upon release, but that they would be featured in a DLC.

Confirmed DinosaursEdit

For the full list of dinosaurs expected to be in the final version of the game, see InGen's List.

At E3 2K GCU, 23 dinosaurs were confirmed to be making an appearance in the game based on the list released during IDI's presentation. A total of 60 dinosaurs are planned to be in the final game. The list at E3 contained nine carnivores and fourteen herbivores.


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