"When people asked us if we could use the Ultimate Experience Engine, we told them that we couldn't because... well... they couldn't afford the license. So, I said, "Why not make a free version?" and thus, the Project Nexus Engine was born."
― Ethan Sumner
Project Nexus Engine
PNE logo (2017-present)
Developer(s) Infinite Development Incorporated
Stable release PNE Mk.0/1 / March 13th, 2017
Key designer(s) Ethan Sumner
Written in C++, Python, UltimateScript
Operating system(s) Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Game engine
License IDI Gen. 1
Version(s) 1
 The Project Nexus Engine, PNE for short, is a game engine developed by Infinite Development Incorporated. The engine is designed as a free-to-use version of the Ultimate Experience Engine with several key elements either toned down or disabled, but remains an easily modifiable engine.

The PNE was created in order to give the general public a high quality engine without having to buy a copyright to use the UEE for their games. The engine was developed between 2016 and 2017. Before the release of the UEE, the name, "Project Nexus" was originally a faux name given to the UEE at a press conference with lower specs than the actual engine had.

The engine has been used by numerous third-party and indie developers for games in 2017 and beyond. IDI is planning on releasing a new version of the engine in 2021 that will nearly match the upcoming UEE Mk.III engine.

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