Project Interstellar is a name for an unknown game project developed by Reconsoft Seoul. It is announced on NINE100 Studio's Press Conferece of E3 2018.

Teaser and SpeculationsEdit

The teaser for the project revealed on the E3 conference showing a 30 seconds of shillouettes. Those shillouettes is seen firing or slamming their weapons and then the text saying Project: Interstellar followed by the subtitle below it says "Are you ready to be the one with the Corps?". After that, fans on the internet and gaming journalist alike are speculating about it since then. Some people assuming that it's an another anime-themed shooter game set in Paradox's Universe, some say that it's a completely new first-person shooter IP set in new universe since the developer (Reconsoft Seoul) must be come up with something spectacular. There's no official word from both Reconsoft and Reconsoft Seoul regarding the speculations that running wild throughout the Internet.

Updates on September 2018Edit

As on september, an concept art of a blue anthrophomoric racoon holding rocket rifle and a typical colonel kilgore-like space marines with laser rifle are leaked to the internet. Both of the pic had the "Project: Interstelar" watermark on the left corner, and makes the fans around internet speculate that Reconsoft Seoul is working on a brand new shooter game. Both Reconsoft and NINE100 studios refuses to comment anything about this leaking.

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