Start of a MatchEdit

  • "We're here for a reason"
  • "Lets give it to 'em."
  • "Go loud, mission is a go."
  • "Lock and Load."
  • "Predator Team, you're clear to engage."
  • "Do it by the book."


  • "Secure the objectives."
  • "Defend the objectives."
  • "Destroy the objectives."

End of a MatchEdit


  • "Great work. Mission complete."
  • "Operation successful. RTB."
  • "Positive effect on target. Nice job Predators."
  • "Delivered critical strike. Good work."
  • "Our message is sent."
  • "Victory confirmed. Hell of a job it was."


  • "Operation failed. Fall back!"
  • "Mission failed today. We strike again tomorrow."
  • "Mission failed. Regroup!"
  • "They're tougher than we thought."
  • "This battle is lost."
  • "They'll get theirs soon enough."



  • "UAV ready"
  • "UAV standing by."
  • "UAV in the air."
  • "Our UAV is online."
  • "IED ready."
  • "IED standing by."
  • "IED ready for deployment."
  • "Yellowjacket standing by."
  • "Your Yellowjacket is ready for launch."
  • "Friendly Yellowjacket launched."
  • "Friendly confirmed Yellowjacket is in the air."


  • "Watch your sectors. Enemy UAV is online."

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