Velasco: "Oh fuck, get out! That bullet has destroyed one of the gas tanks."
Hilsher: "Is it toxic?!"
Velasco: "Off fucking course, man! Don't you listen to mission briefing?! Now get out this stikhole!"
— Velasco to Hislher after a sniper shot one of the chemical tankers they were carrying.
Precious Cargo
Previous level Remember This Hour
Next level Show Trial
Game Warzone: Shade
Character Cpl. Dalton
Weapons ACR w/ ACOG Scope and Silencer

M1216 Tactical

Enemy weapons Galil ACE w/various attachments

FLG w/various attachments

RFB w/various optics

Desert Eagle

"Precious Cargo" is the fifth mission in Warzone: Shade. It involves intercepting hostiles by storming the Honolulu International Airport.


Main article: Precious Cargo/transcript

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