Penny Lane
Rangers vs Unified Asian Coalition
United States of America
Type of Combat
Multiple types
Penny Lane is a medium sized asymmetrical multi-level map featured in Fog of War: Insurrection.


Penny Lane is set in around and around the streets of a multi-layered apartment complex, the map is split into two sections with six major landmarks around the map. The map of offers great sight lines for long-range engagements  

Watch Point Tower  - NorthEdit

Watch Point Tower apartment overlooks the map and is on top of the elevated slope on the north side. The apartment is a very influential place during games as it offers views over most of the map, and is a key spot to many objectives. Watch Point has 10 levels but only four are accessible, the bottom floor and the three floors at the top. Players can use the balacony to pick off anyone on the streets below but are extremely vulnrable due to the lack of cover offered by the glass railings.

Penny Lane  - CenterEdit

Penny Lane is a narrow alley way located in the center of the map intersecting the six major landmarks from top to bottom. This is the quickest way for the player to go to the five landmarks of the map, but is the most dangerious.

Map FeaturesEdit

  • On the top balcony of Watch Point Tower, there is an emplaced XM109 that the player can use.
  • On the top of the slope, players can set fire to tires creating thick black smoke obstructing the view of both sides.


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