Nosvokia (Носвокия)


Games Paradox
Continent Sibria
Full Name Union of Nosvokian Republics (Союз Носвокий Республик)
Capital Minska
Type of Government Single-Party

Marxist-Leninist Socialist State

Leader(s) Premier Vladimir Illyanevich Putyatin
Currency Nosvokian Rublya
Engagements Cold War of Three Superpowers

Invasion of Tevua

Mobius Corporation Uprising

"Stands and Unite, Free Labors of the Republics"
―Official Country's Motto from 2008 onwards

The Union of Nosvokian Republics (Cyrillic: Союз Носвокий Республик; Japanese Localization Name: ノス共和国連邦) is the fictional country featured in Paradox video games. It's the one of the superpower nation that exist on Paradox Universe's Earth. The other superpowers to compare with were Federation of Osenian States and People's Republic of Sericia.



Early 1480s to late 1590s - Sibria's Age of StrifeEdit

Nosvokia in early 15th century were only a small, landlocked dukedom called Duchy of Minscovia. This nation fought a bloody stalemate against the other country surround it in order to unifiy all nation scattered in Continent of Sibria. And finally in year 1594, all the nation surrounding the Minscovite become unified and transformed into Tsardom of Nosvokia.

1600s-1890s - Autocratic Empire of NosvokiaEdit

Over the centuries, the Tsardom slowly transformed into a bigger and eventually become a largest empire in the world. It's territory spread from Belka Sea to the Eastern Europan Continent. Nosvokian Empire also become on of the most notorious empire ever exist on earth. But in early 20th century, everything drastically change.

1910s - First World War and the Fall of the EmpireEdit

It's the 1917, the Nosvokian Empire were in the brink of collapse due the heavy inflation because the overbudgeted military sector and common corruptions amongs the councils. In 1918, the communist government taking over the dying empire by coup d'etat which ended with bloody massacre and execution of the Imperial Family by communist movement people. And thus, two months later, the Union of Nosvokian Repubilcs was born.

Political StructureEdit


Nosvokian Military Power were among one of the largest in the world. Her army were deployed across country who allied with her in purpose to defend them from the Invading Alliances Forces. Even the rumors says that they have some secret army garissoned in the deep water of Eastern Belka Sea that can be deployed to invade Osenian northern territory at any times. The only nations that can match the power of this nation were Osenia and Sericia.

Conventional Military BranchesEdit

  • Nosvokian Ground Forces
    • Nosvokian 32nd Special Detachments (Spetsnaz)
  • Nosvokian Air Forces
    • Nosvokian Airborne Troops
    • Nosvokian "Alkonost" Aerial Fleet
  • Nosvokian Navy
    • Nosvokian Mariners

Unconventional/Experimental Military BranchesEdit

  • Strategic Missile Forces
  • Advanced Research and Development Project
    • Anti-Hazard Special Detachement Forces "STALKER" (Semi-Classified Branch)


  • Judging from the name and their culture, this country is based and can be compared to real-life Soviet Union and Russian Federation
  • According the Interview with Adi Rahman and Keita Tanonaka, the original Nosvokian flag has the inverted Hammer and Sickle emblem on it, but later he change it into bear shillouette to avoid the similarities to the Soviet Flag

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