Games Paradox
Continent Sibria
Full Name People's Republic of Sericia (长东人民共和国)
Capital Tiangong
Type of Government Single Party, Socialist State
Leader(s) Premier Chen
Currency Serician Jin
Engagements Cold War of Three Superpowers

Invasion of Tevua (Supporter)

Mobius Corporation Uprising

"Stay Strong! Our will cannot be break by a simple Hypercapitalistic Devil's trick!"
―Serician Officer Propaganda During Mission "Solidarity"

People's Republic of Sericia is a country featured in Paradox series. It's the one of three major superpower of Paradox Universe's earth. The other superpowers to compare with were Federation of Osenian States and Union of Nosvokian Republics.



Political StructureEdit


Serician People's Army (SPA) - The Serician military power were the largest in terms of quantity. Its army alone were the largest among the other superpower nations. Their tactics rely on the mass mobilization of military units consisting of several offensive units and support units which is mainly equipped with speakers for propaganda in order to boost the morale of the offensive one.The only nations that can match the power of this nation were Osenia and Nosvokia.

Conventional Military BranchesEdit

  • SPA Ground Forces
    • SFD Unit 80 "Commando" (colloquially known as SPA Commando)
    • 8th "Grinder" SPA Army Tank Divison
  • SPA Air Forces
  • SPA Navy
    • SPA Marine Corps

Unconventional/Experimental Military BranchesEdit

  • Second Artillery Corps
  • SPA Academy of Military Science



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