Games Paradox
Continent Osenia
Full Name Osenian States Federation
Capital Marineris City
Type of Government Federal Republic
Leader(s) President Anthony Bosworth
Currency Osenian Zollar
Engagements Cold War of Three Superpowers

Invasion of Tevua

"Trust In God and Country"
―Current Official Country's Motto
The Federation of Osenian States (Informally known as Osenian States Federation, colloquially known as Osenian Federation) is the fictional country featured in Paradox video games. It's the one of the superpower nation that exist on Earth of Paradox's Universe. the other superpowers to compare with were Union of Nosvokian Republics and People's Republic of Sericia.


Sometimes in 1700sEdit

In 18th century, Osenia was only a 13 colonies located in the northeastern coast of North Osenia continent that belongs to the Bretonian Empire. But soon, this colonies want to gain their independence from their Bretish master. And thus triggering the War of Independent between Osenian freedom fighters and Bretish soldiers. But in 1792, the Osenia finally defeating her master and declare independence from the Bretonian King.

After Independence (1790s-1900s)Edit

Just like Real-Life United States of America, Osenia began to annex every colony in the continent that originally belongs to the Europan colonist. Eventually the Osenian reaching the northern hemisphere of the continent and then transformed into Federation of Osenian States.

1910s-1920s (The Civil War and Expansion)Edit

During late 1910s to early 1920s, the Osenia splitted into two different faction; Federation and Republicans.


Osenian Military Power were one of the largest in the world. Her army were deployed across the other nations, both allied and hostile. Since the 2010s, Osenian Military were mostly depended on Unmanned Drones, Automated Weapon Systems and other advanced military instruments beside the standard, conventional military instruments. The only nations that can match the power of this nation were Nosvokia and Sericia.

Conventional Military BranchesEdit

  • Osenian Federal Army
    • 76th Army Ranger Regiment
    • 1st SPECFOR Epsilon
  • Osenian Federal Air Forces
  • Osenian Federal Navy
    • Osenian Federal Marine Corps

Unconventional/Experimental Military BranchesEdit

  • Defense Advanced Military Research Agency/DAMRA
    • DAMRA Robotics
    • HAZMAT Troop Detachment

NGO-Sourced Military SupportEdit

  • Fielding Armament Industries
    • Fielding Guard Troops (PMC)
  • Mobius Corporation
    • Mobius Advanced Weapon Project (PMC + Advanced Weaponry)


Osenian is the leading economical power on Earth-616, followed by Fusea and Gallia. Their currency is Zollar


  • This Country is comparable to the Real-Life United States of America.
  • Some of the city's name are named after fictional city from various western animation such as The Simpsons (Springfield), Family Guy (Quahog), and Fairy Odd Parents (Dimmsdale)

Country's Name in other languagesEdit

  • Fusean/Japanese: オセニア州連盟 (Osenia-shū renmei)
  • Serician/Chinese: 国家联合会 (Guójiā liánhé huì)
  • Emmerian/German: Bundesverband der Ossen (lit. Federation of Osenia)
  • Gallian/French: Fédération des États Osénie
  • Spanish: Federación de los Estados Oceníos
  • Nosvokian/Russian: Федерация Oсениn Штатах

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