Tevua (Тевос/東洋)
Games Paradox
Continent Fusea
Full Name Democratic Republic of Tevua
Capital Shibuya
Type of Government Single-Party, Sakuzo-Leninist Socialist States
Leader(s) Supreme Leader Minobe Tatsukichi
Currency Tevuan Ryobe
Engagements Invasion of Tevua
"Even though the Government are the most shittiest on the Planet, I still respect my country as my family's sacred and beautiful birthplace"
―Itsuki commenting about his home country of Tevua
Democratic Republic of Tevua (東洋民主共和国; Tōyō Minshu Kyōwakoku) or simply known as Tevua is a country of Paradox's Earth. It's known to be a birthplace of the series Protagonist, Itsuki Alexandrov and his sister as well as Rin Vencheska.

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