Ritsu Alexandrov
Taken from the Official Website
Birth date May 25, 2013
Gender Female
Height 174cm
Hair color brown
Eye colour light blue
Race/ethnicity Yamataian/Fusean (RL: Mongoloid/Japanese)
Nationality Tevuan (Democratic Republic of Tevua)
Occupation Second-in Command of the Vorona Mechanized Detachment
Relatives Itsuki Alexandrov (Big Brother)
Age 22
Status Alive
Nickname(s) The Osprey

Vorona 0-2

Affiliation(s) Vorona "Privateer" Military Contractor
Appearances Paradox
Voiced by Felicia Angelle (English)

Yoko Hikasa (Japanese)

Harumi Sakurai (Japanese/TGS Gameplay Trailer)

"Hey, big giant robot is a girl things too"
―Ritsu in "Iron Knights" intro.

Ritsu Alexandrov (リツ · アレクサンドロフ), codenamed "The Osprey", is the one of the main character in Paradox and playable characters in the Special Assignment Mission mode. She's a member of the Vorona Squad operatives and Itsuki's little sister.


Ritsu is a cheerish and optimistic kind of girl. Unlike Itsuki, her words were well-mannered when speaking and somtimes try to snap his brother who like to swearing.

Ritsu are fast-learning type of person. She can read a manual and mastering it in just matter of hours or day. Which is explains why she can control Fusean ARMIN easily even though it's her first time riding it.

Like her brother, she likes and enjoys western and fusean things. But she mostly loves anime and video games produced by Fusea. Her favorite anime is Cyber Magical Girl: Reloaded

Early LifeEdit

Ritsu was born on May 23, 2013. 3 years after her brother, Ituski.

Invasion of Tevua and joining the Tevuan ArmyEdit


Joining Vorona SquadEdit



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