Dmitri Kazankov
Dmitri Kazankov
Birth date January 3, 2008
Gender Male
Height 178cm
Hair color Light Brown
Eye colour Brown
Race/ethnicity Caucasian/Nosvokian Jewish
Nationality Nosvokian (Union of Nosvokian Republics)
Occupation Second-in Command of the Vorona Mechanized Detachment
Age 27 (As in year 2035)
Status Alive
Nickname(s) The Badger

Vorona 0-3

Affiliation(s) Nosvokian Spetsnaz (Formerly)

Vorona "Privateer" Military Contractor

Appearances Paradox
Voiced by Boris Kievsky (English)

Daisuke Ono (Japanese)

"I found myself comfortable fighting for a capitalistic company rather than serving my country with lot of racial and ethnic hate pressure around"
―Dmitri during "Old Friend" mission

Dmitri Markovich Kazankov (RUS: Дмитрий Маркович Казанков; JPN: ドミトリ·マルコヴィッチ·カザンコフ) Codenamed "The Badger", is one of the main and playable character in Paradox.


Dmitri is a "hard skin, soft heart" kind of characters, he's the most down-to-earth compared to the other protagonists. Like Itsuki, he's also hard to be offended except for some reason such as if someone mocking his pride and/or his family's jewish heritage.

He also happen to be devout Socialists thus he politically had strong hatred towards countries that demonize Socialism, particulary Fusea and Osenia. Although he also can tolerate some of the western cultures and influences.

He enjoys rap music and occasionally plays and singing his favorite rap song when repairing his weapons and during shower. He's also like to play video games although he only likes military-themed one.

Early LifeEdit

Joining Nosvokian Army and Spetsnaz InitiationEdit

Vorona Military Contractor's CareerEdit


  • Both Dmitri and his voice actor, Boris Kievsky has Jewish heritage and both of their family had trouble during the reign of the Union of Nosvokian Republics/Soviet Union.
  • Boris Kievsky also serve as one of the Project: PARADOX writing staff.

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