The following is an skill tree set for Itsuki Alexandrov.

Action Skill(s)Edit

Time DecelerationEdit

Slows down the time arounds the players. Everything around except allies will affected by this action skill. Effect's duration varies depending on the skill's level.

  • Lv. 0 - 10 = 10 seconds
  • Lv. 10 - 20 = 20 seconds
  • Lv. 20 - 30 = 35 seconds


Summons a small rift of spacetime high gravititional anomaly orb that can suck enemy nearby. Skill's strengh and capability varies depending on the skill's level.

  • Lv. 0 - 10 =  Capable to sucking max. 2 object
  • Lv. 10 - 20 = Capable to sucking max. 4 object
  • Lv. 20 - 30 = Capable to sucking max. 8 object

Skill TreesEdit

Defensive Offensive Stealth


Increase overall health points


Increase Melee Damage


Footstep sounds less audible by the enemy when falling


Reduce flinching when taking damage

Long Thrower

Increase range when throwing lethal or tactical equipments

Basic Takedown

Takedown an enemy using melee weapon

Blast Supressor

Taking less damage from explosions

Sleight of Hand

Increase reload speed for all weapons and increase cycling speed for bolt-action weapons


Reduce footstep sounds when sneaking

Hard Reset

Reset the timer of grenade when thrown back

Neck Breaker

Takedown an enemy by literally break their neck

Self-Sufficent Immunity

Health slowly regenerates up to half of total health points

Rushed Reload

Allow reloading while sprinting


Increase duration of Optical Camouflage suit when equipped

Brutal Finisher

Finish the enemy's live by brutally slit their throat with an tomahawk or bladed melee

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