Paradox (Series)
Paradox series logo
Developer(s) Reconsoft

Project Paradox

Publisher(s) Namco (first Paradox only)

NINE100 Studios (From Paradox 3rd Expansion's released onward)

Genre(s) First/Third Person Action Roleplaying-Shooter
Creator(s) Keita Tanonaka

Adi Rahman

Mark Andersen

Engine Paradox Engine
Platform(s) Playstation 4

Xbox One

Microsoft Windows

Playstation 3

First Release Paradox
Latest Release N/A
"Expect something unexpected in your combat experience"
―Official Line in Paradox Reveal Trailer
Paradox is a multi-media franchise series created by Reconsoft and It's special team Project Paradox. The Video Game series is a First/Thrid Person Action Roleplaying Shooter and it is released in 3-4 year cycle. So Far, the developer released two installment the main game for the console and PC and the PS Vita exclusive spin-off.


Main Article: Paradox's Universe

The series set in a fictional universe and mostly focused on one planet called Earth. The "Earth" itself is plunged on a cold war-like conflict between Three Superpowers for control over resources, especially the Chronomium. which is the most rare and precious material for multiple use like fueling the machines of factories and vehicles even used as the source for directed-energy weapon capable to wiped out humanity seven times.

General TopicsEdit


  1. Characters
  2. Character's Customizatons
  3. Vehicles
  4. ARMIN
  5. Weapons and Equipments
  6. Factions and Organizations
  7. Events


  1. Fandom
  2. Modding


Main Games:Edit

  • Paradox upcoming WW 08/10/15 - First entry of the series. The story takes on year 2035, featuring a Privately Funded, Vigilant-Paramilitary Organization called Vorona "Privateer" Military Contractor that actively plunged themselves in the middle of the war in searching of secret weapon data codenamed: Paradox which powered by Liquidified Kronomium.
  • Paradox: Extinction upcoming WW ??/??/18 - Second Installment of the Series. features an improvement from the first one. And this time, it is published by NINE100 Studios instead of Namco. The story now focused on the Vorona Military Contractors on their actions retrieving the secret of another Paradox weapons during the Nosvokian "Civil War" and Europan-Nosvokian war.


  • Paradox: Phantasm upcoming WW 13/11/16 - Spin-off exclusively released on Playstation Vita. Focusing on Vorona Military Contractor's Delta Squad in a war-torned country called Meridio.

Other MediaEdit

Animated Series/Movies:Edit

  • Paradox - The Animated Series upcoming JP/NA 2/15/16 - An Anime adaptation based on the Video Game. It has different canon story from the Video Game series. The original Video Game casts reprise their roles as well. Both Japanese and English Dub will be produced at the same time and it will aired on Tokyo MX (Japan) and Funimation (North America).
  • Paradox Extra - an non-canon short web animated series on Youtube/Nico Nico Douga made by the fans of the series (with an approval from the official creator) which centered around wackiness of the Vorona main crew with pop and internet culture references.


  • Paradox: Astra Wing upcoming ??? - Recently announced by Tanonaka, Astra Wing will focused on a Female character named Megumi Hiroshi which is the leader of Fusean ASTRA Squadron (ASTRA is an airborne Mech that shares the same frame as ARMIN) in a fight against the Socialist Tevuan Army before decided to defect and join the Vorona.

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