Paradox: Phantasm
Developer(s) Reconsoft

Project: PARADOX

Publisher(s) Namco
Designer(s) Keita Tanonaka
Engine Paradox 1.5
Genre(s) Action Roleplaying First-Person Shooter
Mode(s) Single-Player
Ratings PEGI: 17

Cero: Z

Input methods Game Controller
"Make Yourself at Hell"
―Official Game Tagline
Paradox: Phantasm (known in Japan as Paradox: Project Illusion) is an single-player/co-op action roleplaying first-person shooter developed core team Project: Paradox and published by Reconsoft exclusively for Playstation Vita. The game's story will focused on a new character named Dan "Hornet" Solomon (Voiced by Rob McCollum), a Vorona Military Contractor "Delta" Squad leader who is on mission to Retrieve a Paradox Weapon's blueprint in a war-torn fictional country named Meirido.



The story focused on another Vorona Military Contractor Squad called "Delta" in a assignment to infiltrate the Headquarter of the Urgaian Occupation Forces in northern part of Meridio.



  • Daniel "Dan" Solomon: Codename: Hornet. The Only playable character in this installment. He's the leader of the VMC "Delta" Squad and former convict-turned Colonel from Osenia. He's voiced by Robert McCollum in English dub and Tomokazu Seki in Japanese dub.
  • Elmer Osbourne: Codename: Beetle. Osenian Federal Army former sergeant and Delta Squad's second in command. He's voiced by Terrence C. Carson.
  • Amelia Strauss: Codename: Wasp. Delta Squad's field medic who once a medic officer of Osenian Airborne Troops. She's voiced by Collen Clinkenbeard in English dub and Rie Tanaka in Japanese dub.
  • Gideon Parker: Codename: Bumblebee. Former Bretonian Special Air Regiment Service (SARS) operatives and Delta Squad's sniper. He's voiced by Gideon Emery.
  • Hector Fernandez: Codename: Tarantula. Support role on the Squad. A Meridian native and former of Meridian Special Forces operative. He's voiced by Richard Cansino.


  • General Ximenes Carvalho:  Commanding officer of the Urgaian Occupation Forces. A Ruthless person with no regards with killing innocent people. He's voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Mission ListEdit


The Gameplay will be same as the Paradox in the console. However the usage of the knife and grenades, as well as the activation of action skill will use the Vita's touchscreen.


(Will be written soon)


(Will be written Soon)

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