This is a transcript of the Teaser Trailer of Paradox. The Trailer itself not too much showing anything but the world setting of the game itself.


Here's some explanation to help you to understand the trailer

  • between ( and ) in Italic = what exactly happens on the screen
  • Bold = The person/entities who said the lines
  • Normal Text = the lines the character/entities spokes


(The screen is black and it buzz-faded into Reconsoft's logo and then into Project: Paradox's logo then into Namco's logo. The entire screen then buzzed and faded-in into a digital map revealing the entire landmasses of Earth-101. The blue cross-cursor then zoom into Fusean continent and it focused on the western part of the contient and some chatters can be heard as the cursor poping-up a picture of a destroyed city)

Random Chatter #1: HQ, This is Delta 4-1! We've been overruned by the Insurgence forces! Request an Immidiate Reinforcements!

Random Chatter #2: Oh Shit, we're outnumbered! (followed by dying sound and it buzzed out)

(The map zoomed in and buzzed into a scenery of war-torned intersection crowded by the armed civilians that supposed to be the insurgents and military forces with tanks and APCs in a crossfires. The screen the cut into scene where the Insurgents attacking the fully-geared military forces with an outdated weapon like AKM and AK-74s and it cut to a military's APC rolling and start to mow down the Insurgents while it finally destroyed by an insurgent holding the M-72 LAW. Then the screen cuts to a scene when suddenly a squad giant mechs dropped from the skies and start to firing their weapons and rocket pods to the military forces. And skipped into military force's squad consisting of 3 peoples hiding on the rubble, one is holding his earphones trying to contact their military command center.)

Random Chatter #3: It's the Privateers, We can't handle them! Request the deployment of the weapon Codenamed: Paradox!

Headquarter Chatter: Roger that! Deplyoing the Paradox!

(When the Mechs moving to the Squad's position, The series of blue-colored energy weapon bombardment rains into them and the war-torned city as the screen zooms out and it flashed turned black. Then a text with buzzing effects that saying "The Face of War has changed" appears then it disappears and replaced with Paradox logo which appears with a blue glow sparks that horizontally cuts the title and shift the upper cut to the right. Then it dissapears again and the word "Q4 2015" appears on the screen.)

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