Pan-Pacific Defense Alliance

Pan Pacíficos Alianza de Defensa
팬 태평양 방위 동맹
Пан-Тихоокеанский Aльянс Oбороны

Games Strikeforce Commander
Type Democratic Military Alliance
Leader(s) Secretary General of Defense George "Kingmaster" Willard
Capital Seattle (PPDA Council)
Establishment Date August 10, 2026
Language English (De Facto)

Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai

Currency Dollar


Engagements "Second Cold War"

WLF Uprising

"From humiliating setback of World War 3, we are now ready to returned to the global stage, with some help from new allies, for sure."
―Pan-Pacific Defense Alliance's trailer
The Pan-Pacific Defense Alliance is an US-led, mutual Alliance between nation around pacific rim. It's one of the great power during 2050s and it's in a friendly rivalry with European Union and somewhat bitter, cold war-esque relation with Great Asian Nations Coalition. During the WLF Uprising, PPDA contributes mostly in East Africa and Southern Arabia territory, providing offshore naval supprt as well as few mechanized forces into Yemen and Somalia.


written soon..

List of PPDA Country MembersEdit

Main MembersEdit

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • North Mexico
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea (Unified)
  • Thailand
  • United Republic of Beringia

Proposed/Possible MembersEdit

  • Phillipines
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan (Annexed/Government Overthrown by GANC-backed rebels)

Military DoctrineEdit

The Military Doctrine of Pan-Pacific Defense Alliance is reminiscent of several "good guy" factions featured in every RTS. PPDA Rely on expensive, very advanced weapons compared to the other factions. They mostly deploys infantries with exoskeleton suit, Battle Walkers, and Automated Drone Tank into the ground field. As the superpower that rules the Pacific Ocean, the PPDA also taken up the mantle of having the world's largest and finest navy, ranging from small Destroyers, to bulking, slow-moving Railgun Battleships, to an Aircraft Carriers.

Technological LevelEdit

The PPDA is the most technologically advanced faction with the second best is the European Union. While Both EU and PPDA had their own finest scientists, the PPDA gifted with the Japanese-made, faster-than-light processing computer which help them to accelerate their research and exchanging information between the country members of the Alliances. Even though the PPDA had the most finest Railguns (granted most of their anti-vehicle units were armed/can be ugpraded with Railgun weapons), they kinda far left behind in term of Directed Energy Weapons, unlike the EU.

Examples of the PPDA Technology:

  • Advanced Exoskeleton Suit (evidence in the exosuit as a staple for PPDA infantries)
  • Railguns (which also have effects of plasma streamers)
  • Almost Sentient Military Drones
  • Directed Energy Weapons (Particulary Laser, only used as Anti-Missile/Anti-Aircraft and other non-lethal utilities)
  • Pulse Rifling (The Goliath Troops is an example)

Military LeadershipEdit

  • Zachary E. Clark (Codenamed:Squire)
  • Luke Fairley (Codenamed:Hornet)
  • Blake Okamoto (Codenamed:Commodore)
  • James Shepherd (Codenamed:Quantum)
  • Han-Hyuk Park (Codenamed:Delta Four)
  • Mayu Nagase (Codenamed:Blue Oni)
  • Nikolai Sergeyev (Codenamed:Narwhal)
  • George Willard (Codenamed:Kingsmaster)


  • Most of PPDA Units design are inspired from games such as Titanfall, Halo series, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, and the cancelled 2013's Command and Conquer game, as well as certain Sci-Fi/Mecha Anime.

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