Developer(s) Code Red Entertainment
Publisher(s) Infinite Development Incorporated
Designer(s) Brandon Lee
Engine Dream 1.0
Released Late 2016
Genre(s) First-person shooter, horror
Mode(s) Campaign

Cooperative Campaign

Ratings ESRB: M

PEGI: 18

Platform(s) PC

Xbox One

Media Digital download

Physical disc

Input methods Keyboard & Mouse


"Fear is the guiding light."
―Game tagline

Painkiller is a horror-themed first-person shooter game developed by Code Red Entertainment and published by Infinite Development Incorporated. The release of Painkiller marks Code Red's debut in the horror genre of game development.

Setting / PremiseEdit

Welcome to the island of Furenzia, home to one of the lushest, beautiful island resorts in the entire world! Not only is it rated one of the best places to travel or take a relaxing vacation, Furenzia comes jam packed with all sorts of activities and leisurely things to do while on the island! Take a long stroll at the beach at night or take up some golfing with a few mates or shop in some of the most luxurious shops we offer here in "resort heaven!" Oh yeah, and don't forget to watch out for those extraterrestrial aliens all over the island. They don't seem very friendly!

Painkiller takes place in an alternate futuristic universe, set in 2019 on a fictional island known as Furenzia, based off various tropical islands around the world. A catastrophe has landed on Furenzia and it's nowhere near a light catastrophe. Aliens have landed on Furenzia, and they're not the nice type either.

The extraterrestrial beings landing on Earth sparks immediate action from world powers, namely the United States, who is the closest to Furenzia. They create a special Task Force designed to research as much as they can on the aliens while keeping them on Furenzia, which is pretty much deserted because the aliens killed all of the happy vacationers and employees.



good guys v. aliens, many explosions, such scary


true chainz

Cooperative CampaignEdit

Campaign but with a bud or two ok fam

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