Terrell Jeffrey-Moore
Terrell uniform
Nickname(s) Serpent 5-3
The Nightstalker
Appears in Meltdown
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations Survivalists
Status Alive
Birth March 14, Unknown Year
Death Unknown
Weapon Mk 17 mod 1
Any accessible weapon found in the game

Terrell 'TJ' Jeffrey-Moore is the protagonist and playable character in Nightstalker. A former member of the US Army's 160th SOAR, also known as the 'Nightstalkers', TJ was on leave when the Coalition Powers invaded the United States. Caught within enemy territory and unable to escape to friendly ground and reunite with his unit, Terrell vowed to fight the occupying forces. To do this, TJ recruits the help of several local men and women, and together, they become known as the 'Nightstalkers', after TJ's unit.

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