Developer(s) DECA
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios
Engine Wartech 4

Nightfall is an episodic series featuring a first-person shooter game and a live-action series bundled in an episode. The series was announced at the NINE100 Studios E3 2017 showcase and is under development by DECA. The Nightfall bundle is playable on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows, on which the live-action show is also released. Each episode is released a month after the last one, starting early August.


Main article: Nightfall/Episodes

Nightfall contains 6 episodes and contains 5 missions. Each episode takes 45 minutes to complete, while the missions are about the size of previous Warzone missions' lenght. All episodes premier on a firday, two weeks from each other, starting on the 25th of August. The episodes can be watched and played through an application on consoles or PC. Each episode can only be watched when having finished the previous mission, or the episode will be available the next monday. 


The Greatest Manhunt in History - Teaser Trailer00:25

The Greatest Manhunt in History - Teaser Trailer

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