This page is for all the characters, both major and minor, that appear in Need for Speed: Underground 3. They are divided by racing crew and importance.

Main CharactersEdit

Sam KileyEdit

Sam Kiley is the protagonist of the game and is central to the game's entire plot (well, duh).

Pat CarsonEdit

Pat Carson is the protagonist of the game's expansion pack, Code Red. He is not affiliated with any of the characters outside of Code Red.

Sinister SixEdit

These were the crew members of the Sinister Six, apart from the protagonist, who is above.

Arielle FosterEdit

Nathan WestEdit

Dave GrahamEdit

Brianna JenningsEdit

Casey HuntingtonEdit

Code Red Expansion PackEdit

Mike CarsonEdit

Mike Carson is the older brother of Pat, the expansion's protagonist. Unlike Pat, Mike prefers being on the racer side of the law. He is one of the most notorious street racers in all of Bayside, quite possibly even the best there is.

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