This is NINE100 Studios' Gamescom 2014 presentation, as transcribed by 900bv. It took place on the 13th of August, 2014.


Introduction by George Alder


(The above music begins. Until 0:20, various clips flash up, showing Everwar: Black Widow, Broken and In Decay. At 0:20, the screen fades to black and text is displayed, which reads "Every generation has an end...". At 0:30, the text changes to "...but another generation will always begin.". At 0:40, the screen shows a scene from Broken with Chloe running through a burning building. At 0:50, the scene changes to Everwar: Black Widow, with soldiers running through a subway. At 1:00, the scene fades out, and text is displayed, reading "Today, we will be revealing more of this new generation.". At 1:10, the text fades into the NINE100 Studios logo. At 1:15, the logo and the music fades out. George Alder appears on-stage.)

George Alder: Wow, it doesn't feel like E3 is in the past now, but here we are at Gamescom. At E3, we revealed to you some incredibly new and thrilling developments, and we hope to do more of that today, along with showing you more of upcoming projects that you know of and are hopefully excited for. We would like to bring out Blake Kallas first, to give you a bit more information about Rock Heroes 4. Thank you, and enjoy the presentation.

(George Alder walks off, while Blake Kallas walks on.)

Rock Heroes 4Edit

Rock Heroes 4 Presentation by Blake Kallas

(Art of a Fender Stratocaster appears on the screen.)

Blake Kallas: At E3 we introduced Rock Heroes 4 for the first time, but we never went into detail on why this truly is the next generation of the series. For three games, of course not including Revolution, we've had guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals, but we never really expanded on that. However, today, we're gonna be expanding on that in a very big way. Today we will be introducing, for the first time, Liveplay.

(A screenshot of Liveplay appears on the screen.)

Blake: Liveplay is a brand new way to play Rock Heroes for users of guitar or bass. Instead of the more arcade-based five-lane gameplay, you will instead be playing the exact notes and chords of the song using your own real guitar. Using a wireless adapter, players can connect any standard guitar or bass to the game and use it as a "controller". A comprehensive learning tool will help ease players into playing, and each song will have it's own practice sessions to help you master any song you want.

(A screenshot of free play appears on the screen.)

Blake: There is also a free play mode where you are able to select numerous filters, if you wish, and play what you want without having to hit specific notes at specific times. What we'd like to do now is show you a quick demo of Liveplay, using the first minute or so of the song Wings of a Butterfly by him. Please enjoy.


(A man comes on stage and plays the song up to 1:11 with gameplay being shown on the screen. The man then leaves the stage.)

Rock Heroes 4 Cover Art v2

(The cover art of Rock Heroes 4 appears on the screen.)

Blake: Not only is this a fantastic learning tool for beginners, but will also be a tremendous challenge for advanced players, with songs like Siege Engine by Buckethead providing immense difficulty for even the most skilled of players. We'd like to end the segment with one last announcement, and that is an exclusive partnership with Yamaha to release a bundle containing the game, the Liveplay adapter and an entry-level Yamaha Pacifica 012 electric guitar. For now, though, this is all we have to say about Rock Heroes 4, other than we hope to see you on release day next April. Next up, I'd like to welcome James Winter, to tell us a little bit more about our most notable E3 surprise, Broken. Thanks guys, enjoy the rest of the games!

(Blake walks off, while James Winter walks on.)


Broken Presentation by James Winter

James Winter: Thanks Blake. E3 was incredible for us. The gaming press were excited about our future developments, the fans are buzzing about our newly revealed games, and we are truly proud of where we are. But, I'm not here to dwell on our E3, I'm here to speak about Broken.

Broken Cover Art v2

(The cover art of Broken appears on the screen.)

James: We've already looked at two characters, and we'd like to look at a few more, through a trailer and some more gameplay. We would first like to look at a short demo featuring the character Lauren, who is portrayed by the very talented Erin Yvette. As always, this demo will be played and narrated by Adam York.

(Adam walks on-stage as James leaves. The demo opens with Lauren, from a first-person perspective, looking around shelves in a shop for supplies.)

Adam York: Lauren is younger than most of the other characters in the game, but is certainly not weak in comparison. You will now get the first look of the main enemies of the game, that we are calling The Corrupted.

(While Lauren is searching, crashing is banging is heard near the entrance of the shop. Several Hobblers are crashing through.)

Lauren: Oh, fuck.

(Lauren opens the cylinder of her revolver to check it's fully loaded.)

Lauren: There's probably a back exit, I don't need to mess around with them.

Adam: Even though she isn't as experienced as some of the other members of her group, she is still one of the smartest.

(Lauren crouches down and looks around the shelves, tracking the Hobblers. The demo shows her sneaking around the shop, avoiding being noticed by the numerous enemies. Eventually, she reaches a back exit. When she open the door, she is jumped by a Shadow.)

(The screen cuts to black.)

Adam York: While the E3 demo was certainly more intense, we also wanted to contrast that with slow and brutal survival horror. All of the playable characters in this game are different, and you will need to almost re-tailor how you play the game each chapter. Before we show you the next trailer, however, I just want to answer a question that a good amount of people have been asking, and that is whether this game will feature multiplayer.

Broken sadly does not feature any co-operative or competitive multiplayer modes, as we didn't feel it fit into the game. However, we hope the open world nature of the game will be enough to keep you invested for a long time. Anyway, as promised, we would like to show you the new trailer, which will give you a more in-depth look at The Corrupted.

(Adam walks off the stage.)


Kevin MacLeod ~ Wounded

Kevin MacLeod ~ Wounded

(The above music begins. The NINE100 Studios logo is displayed, and then the screen goes black.)

Drew: We call them 'The Corrupted'. We have found five variations of them so far.

(A picture of a Hobbler is displayed.)

Drew: Hobblers, just about the closest to a human you'll find out there. They aren't quick, but still, don't fuck about around them.

(A picture of a Rusher is displayed.)

Drew: Rushers, it's of paramount importance that you don't alert one of these guys if you aren't in a good condition. They are extremely fast, and wont hesistate in taking you down.

(A picture of a Deciever is displayed.)

Drew: Decievers, tricky little bastards they are. If you see one of them slumped against a wall or lying on the ground, make it absolutely sure they aren't still alive. They prey on those not attentive.

(A picture of a Husk is displayed.)

Drew: Husks, who you should definitely avoid if you don't want a parasite burrowing into you. They are overloaded with cerebermis, do not get near them.

(A picture of a Shadow is displayed.)

Drew: Shadows, the biggest threat to us that we know of. They stay around corners, hide in the darkness, and are far too intelligent to be shrugged off. Always keep an eye out.

(The scene switches from the last picture to Drew talking.)

Drew: They aren't immune to dying, but neither are any of you. Don't approach them if you don't need to, and don't let them find you. If you're alone, you wont be saved.

(The screen fades to black, and the logo for Broken is displayed. The music fades out.)

(James comes back on-stage.)

James: Five varying threats, five tactics you'll need to work out. However, you may need to adapt, much like The Corrupted do. For now though, the rest of Broken will remain a mystery. Next, I would like like to bring out the next speaker. Please welcome, from NCS West Coast, Jason Booker!

(James walks off, as Jason Booker walks on.)

The Purge: AnimalsEdit

The Purge: Animals Presentation by Jason Booker

Jason Booker: When we introduced The Purge: Animals at E3 this year, we did so with an in-engine trailer and some early demos of the Vulnus System. A lot of you, especially you guys at Reddit and NeoGAF, weren't too happy, so we're here to apologize and show off a proper live demo of the game.

(Promo art of Owen Hardy appears on the screen.)

Jason: With the general nature of the game not being particularly suitable for demoing, we have created a dedicated segment of the game that doesn't contain the randomized elements of the full game. This demo is pre-alpha, and the final game may differ from what you see today, but this is what we have for you now. This is one of the first hunts of the game.

Gamescom 2014 Gameplay Demo

(The screen shows Owen Hardy, Isabel Pine and Brad Newman approaching a camp-like area with numerous thugs hanging around.)

Owen Hardy: Hold back, there's less chance of them finding just one person.

(Owen sneaks around the side of a van, and equips a small switchblade. Owen knocks on the van to bring around an enemy from around the corner, and Owen grabs him and kills him, although this breaks the switchblade. He then searches the dead enemy and finds some alcohol. Taking off his backpack, Owen crafts a Molotov cocktail out of the bottle of alcohol and some cloth. He then grabs a rock and throws it in the hope of drawing numerous enemies together. He succeeds, and then sets the Molotov alight and throws it, killing numerous enemies. After this, an enemy who discovered his position without the player knowing grabs Owen starts choking him. While this is happening Brad runs out and punches the enemy, before smashing his head into the van. This spurs a small number of enemies to reach Owen and Brad's position, who are both unarmed. While the enemies are focused on the two, Isabel stoves one of their head's in with a brick, and Owen and Brad engage the surprised remaining enemies with hand-to hand combat, winning.)

Owen: Next time listen to what I say and hang back.

Isabel Pine: You know what, shut the fuck up. How about some sort of "Thanks for keeping my dumb ass alive, guys.

Owen: You need to shut the hell up, because none of us are gonna survive if we start sticking to what we decide on.

Brad Newman: I haven't survived all this time by sticking to a fool-proof plan, you need to learn to improvise or we'll all end dead.

Isabel: What are you gonna do next time when your tactics fail, huh? Wait for us to save you and then complain that we did?

Owen: ...we're moving.


(The above music begins playing in game.)

Isabel: Oh god, no.

(The scene cuts to The Purge: Animals' logo with the music continuing to play. At 0:30, the screen and logo cuts out.)

The Purge Animals Cover Art v2

{The cover art of The Purge: Animals appears on the screen.)

Jason: No, we aren't going back to Rock Heroes 4 again, what you heard there is one of the most obvious indicators that you are, in essence, fucked. The hunt is on, you are powerless, and you best get away as fast as possible. The Purge: Animals is a survival horror experience like no other, and we hope you get to experience it on March 10th next year. Thanks for watching the demo guys, we'll see you again some other time!

(Jason walks off, as Erik Miller walks on.)

Ignition EngineEdit

Ignition Engine Presentation by Erik Miller

(Erik Miller walks onto the stage.)

Erik Miller: Looking good, Jason. Now, you've seen our Scar Engine, you've seen other pretty impressive engines, but now we would like to present to you our specialist first-person engine, the Ignition Engine.

Ignition Engine Logo

(The logo for the Ignition Engine is displayed on the screen.)

Erik: We decided to develop this engine as a first-person optimized engine after we found that the Scar Engine was not fully suitable for Everwar: Black Widow, which you will see more of shortly. As the name suggests, we feel that this engine provides the most photorealstic fire and particle effects ever seen in video games. As you may have saw at E3, Broken features a sequence where you find yourself trying to escape a burning building. All of it was rendered in real-time through the use of this engine. What we'd like to show you know is a couple of tech demos that will further demonstrate what this engine can really do.

(A demo of a roaring sea is shown on the screen.)

Erik: Even though it may be considered the antithesis of the engine's namesake, we also wanted to make sure that we nailed liquid effects, as you could have the most beautiful environments seen in a game, but if you have sub-par rain or sea, then it's going to bring the game down. This is exactly what you would see in a game utilising this engine, in real time.

(A demo of a soldier running is shown on the screen.)

Erik: A game will not feel good if character animations are bad. With this engine, we have eliminated this problem by making sure realistic and fluid animation is completely possible in any situation. Whether it's just a man running, or animals roaming the wilderness, we wanted to make sure that animation looks really smooth.

(A demo of a fire spreading through an oil trail, before reaching a barrel and exploding, is shown.)

Erik: ...and to round off these demos, we wanted to show you this engine's signature feature, the beautiful fire and particle effects. The fire, the smoke effects and the oil trail effects are all rendered in real time, and having an engine that can capture the intensity of this scenario is really awesome for us at NINE100 Studios. We'd like to see this fire in all of our games. (laughs)

(The screen again shows the Ignition Engine logo.)

Erik: The programmers were obsessed with making sure that this was the best damn engine that they could develop, and I would think that they did a hell of a good job. Everwar: Black Widow and Broken are the first games that will be utilizing the Ignition Engine as it's primary game engine, and we are all excited to see the final products, and we hope you are too. Next, a game you are already enjoying is getting bigger.

Xeros Wars: Dead EchoesEdit

Xeros Wars: Dead Echoes Presentation by Erik Miller

Erik Miller: Xeros Wars was a little project that George and I worked on as sort of a pseudo-independent game. He programmed it, I did the art, and we released the game, and people enjoyed playing it and sharing their randomized playthroughs with the world. The procedurally generated nature of the game provided endless replayability, and we would like to expand upon that with Xeros Wars: Dead Echoes, an expansion pack for the base game.

Xeros Wars Dead Echoes Logo

(The logo for Xeros Wars: Dead Echoes appears on the screen.)

Erik: In the base game, we told Alby's story and had him plunge deeper into the secret of Biomech Technologies. In Dead Echoes, we are focusing on Alisa, a Biomech engineer trapped in a Russian skyscraper during a destructive blizzard. The cages of the creatures that Biomech have developed have been broken, and you need to escape.

(Art of the numerous new items and enemies featured in the expansion pack appears on the screen.)

Erik: In this expansion pack, we will be introducing many new items, enemies and bosses. All of the base game content can appear in Alisa's story, and all Dead Echoes content can appear in Alby's, although this is optional as we recognized that it does make the game substantially more difficult.

Biomech Technologies Logo

(The logo of Biomech Technologies appears on the screen.)

Erik: Biomech Technologies do no create magic, they create monsters, and every one of them will kill you given half the chance. The following video from Biomech Russia will give you an idea of what they do, or rather what they want people to think they do.

We Are Evolution

Slow, Peaceful and Calming Piano Music - work, study, love songs - relaxdaily N°057

Slow, Peaceful and Calming Piano Music - work, study, love songs - relaxdaily N°057

(The above music starts playing. The Biomech Technologies logo is shown. The scene shows happy people celebrating and partying.)

Unknown 1: We are Biomech Technologies, and we are developing the future of all humanity.

(The scene shows a boy running with a robotic leg.)

Unknown 1: We are researching and creating new ways for people to improve themselves.

(The scene shows a woman smiling.)

Unknown 1: We are...

Audiomachine - Earth Shaker (Massive Hybrid Drums) (The Expendables 2 Trailer Music)

Audiomachine - Earth Shaker (Massive Hybrid Drums) (The Expendables 2 Trailer Music)

(The above music starts at 0:45. The woman distorts into a creature.)


(The screen changes to gameplay scenes of Dead Echoes, showing Alisa fighting enemies and bosses using different items and abilities.)


(The screen changes to the logo of Xeros Wars: Dead Echoes, which then cuts out.)

Erik: In those gameplay scenes you'll notice disturbing creatures and bosses, new items and the new danger of sudden hail. Even when you feel safe, you may still be in danger, and new secrets of Biomech Technologies will be unveiled. What's more, this expansion pack is out right now, and you can now download it on all consoles the base game was on! We really hope you try it out and enjoy it. Now, my final announcement.

Kill 'Em AllEdit

Kill 'Em All Presentation by Erik Miller

Welcome to Destruction

Unknown: Welcome to destruction, motherfu-


(The above music stars, cutting off the voice. Up until 0:12, various angles of a motorcycle gang driving down a road in a city. At 0:12, a werewolf is shown climbing up a wall and howling on the top. At 0:18, zombies are shown shambling through a hospital. At 0:24, members of the shown motorcycle gang shoot their way through zombie hordes in an alley. At 0:30, a vampire is shown gliding down from a rooftop. At 0:36, the motorcycle gang are shown firing at the constantly evasive vampire. At 0:45, a street is shown shaking and a large foot stomps down. At 0:49, the motorcycle gang are shown driving a chain around the giant leg. At 0:52, the motorcyclists drive off. At 0:54, the giant starts to fall across the street. At 0:58, gang members mount the giants head and shoots into it with a shotgun. At 1:01, the screen cuts out with the cumulative shotgun blast. At 1:04, the logo for CrazeWare is shown. At 1:07, the logo for Kill 'Em All is shown. At 1:13 the screen and music cut out.)

Erik Miller: When I say I have one last announcement to make, I sort of meant two announcements. It's no secret that George and I sometimes work on little side projects together. Full games like Xeros Wars and experimental prototypes like Undercut are things we do to let out our, perhaps, stranger sides, and we encourage all of our employees to do this, because working on a larger, huge team game can be stressful. Our projects were getting just a little bit too big though, so what we did was set up a new, full studio called CrazeWare.

CrazeWare Logo

(The logo for CrazeWare appears on the screen.)

Erik: It's still a small studio, comparable to an average independent developer, but with the few extra guys working so hard on these weird projects, we can create a bigger scale game that still has the heart that we gave our works when it was just George and I. With that said, let's not dwell on semantics, what the hell did you just see?

Kill 'Em All Promo Art

(Promotional art for Kill 'Em All appears on the screen.)

Erik: What you saw was your first glimpse at real-time, although obviously re-angled, footage of Kill 'Em All, a cooperative multiplayer-focused third-person shooter where you will be faced with hordes of zombies, damage soaking werewolves, evasive and stealthy vampires, dangerous and foreboding giants and maybe a few surprises along the way.

(Concept art of the Kill 'Em All Motorcycle Club appears on the screen.)

Erik: As you may have guessed, you'll be taking up the role of a member of the Kill 'Em All Motorcycle Club, a biker gang who acts as a for-hire extermination service when the city of Bluesilver, Texas is overrun with monsters. Create your own guy or gal, don your cut-off and get ready to look evil straight in the eye. Kill 'Em All will be available next year, and we will be sharing much more in between, including a first-look demo stream from Gamescom this week. Now, because it only seems fair after hogging the stage for a good while, I'm gonna pass over to George for the first look at Everwar: Black Widow multiplayer. Thanks for your time everybody.

(Erik walks off, as George walks on.)

Everwar: Black WidowEdit

Everwar: Black Widow Presentation by George Alder

In Decay IIEdit

In Decay II Trailer


In Decay II - Reveal Trailer

In Decay II - Reveal Trailer