This is NINE100 Studios' E3 2014 press conference, as transcribed by 900bv. It took place on the 9th of June, 2014.


Introduction by George Alder

Buckethead-The Return of Captain EO-A Real Diamond in the Rough

Buckethead-The Return of Captain EO-A Real Diamond in the Rough

(The above music begins. Until 0:04, the words "Hello LA" are formed. From 0:04 to 0:08, the words get closer and progressively more jagged and eventually disappear. At 0:09, the NINE100 Studios logo launches onto the screen. At 0:13, George Alder walks onto the stage and his name is displayed on the screen. At 0:20, the music stops.)

George Alder: Hello everyone, and many thanks for the warm welcome. My name is George Alder, and I am the founder of NINE100 Studios, as well as the lead programmer at NCS Prime. I am here to present a couple of games alongside some of my co-workers. I think it would be good to start of with our new first person shooter, Everwar: Black Widow.

Everwar: Black WidowEdit

Everwar: Black Widow Presentation by George Alder

George Alder: As you all know, my studio has been working on this next-generation first person shooter game. We have already released the first teaser trailer, but today, we are proud to reveal the next trailer for the game, Saharan Stalk. I hope you enjoy it.

(George walks off of the stage.)

Saharan Stalk

When The Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin +Lyrics

When The Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin +Lyrics

(The above music begins. Sand blows away to reveal the logo of NINE100 Studios. The following scenes show Vicar, Scone, Manuel and Matador walking towards a village during a desert sandstorm in the Western Sahara.)

Vicar: Make sure your visors are down lads, this sand will fuck your eyes up.

Manuel: Qué? (Spanish: What?)

Vicar: *sigh* Mantenga esa visera abajo, imbécil. (Spanish: Keep that visor down, moron.)

Manuel: Ah, sí señor. (Spanish: Ah, yes sir.)

Matador: I have to apologise about him.

Scone: No need, he's the one I can't understand.

Vicar: Well, luckily for you, Matador and I both speak Spanish. Anyway, it looks like this vilage is up ahead. Stay frosty. Manuel, mantener un mirador. (Spanish: Manuel, keep a lookout.)

(At 0:40, the camera pans out to show a large amount of the desert, and then zooms in on the village.)

Vicar: Our sources tell us that Al-Tagheer have been using this village as a centre for weapons trafficking, led by a guy called Aatif El-Asmar. We track these weapons and bring him down, Al-Tagheer will get weaker. Matador, update Manuel, we're going in.

(At 0:56 the camera zooms past the four and stops at at a door marked with the Arabic script السير نحو المستقبل. The screen then pans to black at 1:00 and the music fades out.)

Vicar: Seize him.

(The music starts again at the point 1:17, and the logo for Everwar: Black Widow launches on to the screen. The music and the screen fades out at 1:24.)

(George walks back onto the stage.)

George: As I said, I do hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the campaign of Black Widow. In the coming months, we will hope to show you more trailers and more footage from the game. We are also going to be showing a live, 24-player multiplayer demo at Gamescom in August which we are very excited about. Next, I would like to bring out Blake Kallas, who will be revealing a new entry in a loved franchise. Thank you all for your time.

(George walks off of the stage.)

Rock Heroes 4Edit

Rock Heroes 4 Presentation by Black Kallas

(Blake Kallas walks onto the stage as his name appears on the screen.)

Blake Kallas: At NCS Roxx, we do enjoy our rock music. In fact, we named the studio and our engine after it. We've released three games containing a huge amount of songs, as well as a spin-off containing a few more. However, I'm here today to talk about our next mainline game, Rock Heroes 4.

Rock Heroes 4 Promo Art

(Promotional art for Rock Heroes 4 appears on the screen.)

Blake: We've never been stingy when it comes to getting your favourite artists in the game. We've had huge artists like Bob Dylan, Iron Maiden and The Black Keys in the game, and we've always been respected for taking the time to include smaller artists such as Abnormality, Alex Winston and Funeral Party. Still, there is one thing we still get asked, "When the hell are you going to license Come Together?". Hopefully, this next trailer, which will reveal a good few songs that are gonna be in the game, will satisfy those people.

Another Day of Rock

The Beatles-Come Together lyrics

The Beatles-Come Together lyrics

(The above music begins. The logo for NINE100 Studios is displayed. At 0:06, footage of a man tuning a guitar is shown. At 0:09, footage of a woman adjusting a microphone stand is shown. At 0:11, band members, including the man and woman from the previous clips, are shown walking down a corridor. At 0:16, the camera switches to show the previously shown guitarist breathing slowly. At 0:22, the camera switches to a long-haired drummer twirling his drumsticks. At 0:30, the camera shows the drummer scraping his drumsticks against the wall.

At 0:35, various artist-song name combinations fade in and out, which are "Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere", "Rishloo - Freaks and Animals", "Buckethead - Siege Engine", "Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want", "Amon Amarth - Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags" and "Metallica - Ride the Lightning". At 0:46, the camera shows the keyboardist making a few quick adjustments to his keyboard. At 0:52, the camera shows the bassist quickly testing the sound of his bass. At 0:57, the camera shows the female vocalist breathing and getting ready to grab the microphone. At 1:04, the vocalist grabs the microphone. At 1:06, the camera zooms out to show the entire band in front of a huge crowd. At 1:08, the vocalist raise her fist into the air and the screen flashes white. At 1:09, the Rock Heroes 4 logo fades in on the white screen. At 1:15, the music cuts out and the logo fades away.)

Blake: Finally, we got it! Anyway, not to dwell on that one song, Rock Heroes 4 will feature many songs, including the few that popped up in that trailer. As always, we'll also be introducing a selection of new, colourful characters and will be bringing back all the others that you know and love, and we hope that they will become a big part of the series too. We will be showing off the new characters and revealing loads of new songs in the months leading up to the release of the game, and we hope you are ready for the next stage of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals. Next up is Colby Harris, and from what I hear, he's got something pretty crazy to show off. I hope you enjoy the rest of your night!

(Blake Kallas walks off of the stage.)

Contestor: A Game of AnarchyEdit

Contestor: A Game of Anarchy Presentation by Colby Harris

(Colby Harris walks onto the stage as his name appears on the screen.)

Colby Harris: Our partnership with DC is no secret, but people have been wondering why we partnered with them in the first place. Well, nobody said we enjoyed keeping secrets, so we would like to present to you the following insanity.


(The NINE100 Studios logo is shown.)

Female Voice: The following is a public service announcement.

(Panoramas of Kimball Falls are shown.)

Male Voice: Kimball Falls, Ontario, Canada. Home of beautiful rivers, jaw-dropping landscapes and a load of crazy people who want Kimball Falls to fall.

(Quick shots of some villains are shown.)

Male Voice: Too many people want destruction and anarchy, and this is a major issue, for most other people. So, who in the city is going to stop this?

(A quick clip of some bumbling police officers is shown.)

Male Voice: The KFPD? I highly doubt it.

(The screen switches to Contestor speaking in front of a wall. With a phone camera UI over the top of the footage.)

Contestor: I am talking about myself, of course. Contestor, the unsanctioned, uncensored and unofficial guardian of Kimball Falls. Take it from me kiddos, you want a true hero, so let me be your true hero!

(The phone recording is stopped and the camera shifts to the cameraman, Alden Reeves, talking to Contestor.)

Alden Reeves: So, the masked protector of Kimball Falls. Exciting.

Contestor: I still don't know why I am wearing this mask.

(Contestor takes off his mask.)

Contestor: I mean, come on. Who are we trying to fool.

Alden: Ah, those idiots are too busy getting beaten up by that new gang that showed up last week.

Contestor: Eh, I guess.

(Contestor sits at his computer.)

Contestor: So, what did you say this new guy was?

Alden: He calls himself Iram. I don't know why he used Latin.

Contestor: Because he is a douchebag. Now, apparently he just beat up the mayor and now commands from his manor. It looks like my first stop is confirmed.

(The screen cuts to Contestor knocking on the manor's door.)

Contestor: Hey asshole!

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater - Dramatic Sting

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater - Dramatic Sting

(The above audio plays with Contestor at the door up to 0:02, where it changes to the Contestor: A Game of Anarchy logo.)

A Game of Anarchy Promo Art

(Promotional art for Contestor: A Game of Anarchy appears on the screen.)

Colby: Oh yes, we are bringing Contestor to the world of video games. The loud-mouthed, cocky and slightly stupid 'protector' of Kimball Falls will be bringing his obnoxious personality in the first game from NCS Gotham, Contestor: A Game of Anarchy. This game is an open-world spectacle, bringing the entire city and surrounding areas to life with civilians, thugs and, of course, Contestor's rogues gallery. The two sides of Contestor, known to many as Aiden Archer, will be on full display, with his civilian life as an Internet celebrity being shown on full display, alongside his guardian antics.

(Concept art of Aiden Archer appears on the screen.)

Colby: With gadgets and weapons developed by his partner Alden Reeves, Contestor will develop his skills over the course of the game, becoming good enough to face his main enemy, Iram. While we aren't telling an origin story, you will certainly see Contestor become the character that we all know today, through development of his fighting abilities, his weapons and his condescending battle talk. We'd like to spend the last little bit of our time with a quick gameplay demo, showing off a fight in the open world.

E3 2014 Gameplay Demo

(Contestor is climbing up a fairly tall building with thugs on the roof, holding a hostage.)

Thug 1: I'm surprised that smarmy little shit hasn't rescued you yet.

Hostage: I'm surprised you can actually string a sentence together.

Thug 2: She got you there, chief.

Thug 1: Ah, shut the hell up. This girl's only alive because Iram wanted her to be.

Thug 3: Yep, you're a special little snowflake.

Hostage: You're lucky you were smart enough to attack me from behind.

(Contestor gets on to the roof, surprising the thugs.)

Contestor: Look who finally showed up!

(Contestor strings together a long strike combo, as well as numerous dodges and parries.)

Contestor: There ain't nobody like me!

(Contestor equips his baton, finishing off the rest of the thugs with it.)

Contestor: ...and the winning streak continues.

(Contestor interacts with the hostage and unties her.)

Hostage: It's a good job somebody pays attention in this city.

Contestor: It was actually my partner, I don't really ca-

Hostage: Yeah, never mind. I'd appreciate it if the help was a little less self-indulgent if it's needed again.

Contestor: I'll try my absolute hardest.

('The hostage walks away and Contestor walk to the edge of the building, showing the city. The demo then ends.)

(Concept art of Contestor appears on the screen.)

Colby: This is just one of the possible random events that can occur in the world. These events, what we refer to as Hostage Rescues, have over 200 unique dialogue trees, as well as 20 unique hostage character models. This is not the only aspect of the game with variance though, as all of the other random events will have a huge range of randomised options for dialogue and characters. Also, Contestor's contextual battle talk has 30 different lines for each different action, so it is highly unlikely you get repeated dialogue during fights, and that isn't even including the mission-specific battle talk that sometimes occurs.

(The promotional art for the game returns to the screen.)

Colby: We had great fun debuting this new game with a trailer and a demo, and we look forward to showing off more in the months leading up to release, which I am absolutely thrilled to announce, right now, is on September the 9th, 2014. Kimball Falls is a beautiful place, don't let total anarchy take control. Now, this press conference has gotten a bit too over the top, so we're heading back a bit closer to reality now. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the rest of the show.

(Colby walks off of the stage.)

The Purge: AnimalsEdit

The Purge: Animals Presentation by Jason Booker

(The lights are cut out.)


Palm City RPG Purge Event

Palm City RPG Purge Event

(The above audio plays, as transcribed below. A blue screen titled Emergency Broadcast System with the Great Seal of the United States in the background displays the following text.)

Unknown: This is not a test. This is your Emergency Broadcast System announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by the U. S. Government. Weapons of Class Four and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. Government officials of ranking 10 have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours. Police, fire and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM when the Purge concludes. Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and America, a nation reborn. May God be with you all.

(The scene changes to Owen Hardy, a homeless man, talking to two other homeless people, Isabel Pine and Brad Newman.)

Owen: When the alarm sounds, we are no longer part of a civilisation, and we are no longer humans. We will become animals. Some will become the predators, and will take full opportunity of the Purge. Others, like us, will become the prey, and we will be hiding, trying to obscure the truth that the Purge is in full effect. We've all survived the Purge before, numerous times. It is just another twelve hours.

Isabel: Just another twelve hours? You seem to forget, Owen, that we are not protected anymore. No security systems, no firearms, no explosives, no vehicles. We have nothing. How do you think we are going to fucking fare against those enjoy the Purge?

Owen: We run, and we hide, and we trust each other, and we stay sane, and we never succumb to the animals.

Brad: The predators will always hunt for the weak. We don't choose to succumb.


(The screen cuts to black. The above music starts playing. The screen fades to a heavily barricaded church full of people praying. At 0:15 the screen cuts to show a man in a wolf mask smashing a window and torturing a man by filling his mouth with broken glass from the window and punching his jaw. At 0:31, the screen cuts to show a man in a tiger mask holding a machete to a man's throat looking straight towards the camera, before starting to cut slowly. At 0:48 the screen cuts to show a man in a sheep mask shooting crossbow bolts through a woman's hand and attaching them to a desk, and then putting down the crossbow to pick up an axe. At 0:58, the screen fades to show the logo for The Purge: Animals, and the three animal masks appear underneath.)

(Jason Booker walks onto the stage as his name appears on the screen.)

Jason Booker: Hello everyone, my name is Jason Booker and I am from NCS West Coast, and as you might have guessed, I am here to talk about The Purge: Animals. We've been looking at adapting the movie franchise for a good amount of time, and we are now finally bringing it to the smaller screen, through your consoles and PCs. We worked with the director and writer of the movies James DeMonaco to create a game that tells a new story, while still being part of the existing universe.

(Art of The Animals appears on the screen.)

Jason: The titular Animals are the three main antagonists of the game, and are known only by their masks. They are not only designed to be psychopathic and homicidal, put also incredibly intelligent and tactical. Highly intelligent AI will have all three of them act differently in every playthrough, with it being able to adapt on-the-fly. Encounters with them are also completely dependant on this AI, which cause them to appear randomly throughout the game rather than them appearing at set points. We did this to heighten the tension in subsequent playthroughs so that you don't know when you are safe or in danger, unlike in other horror games where all the horror is derived from telegraphed jump scares.

(Art of some generic thugs appears on the screen.)

Jason: However, this is The Purge, and The Animals aren't a sole threat. As much as they love the night, they aren't the only people that have fun. Thugs control the streets, and will happily beat you down given half the chance. This is where the survival elements come in, as you will need to create your own weapons and supplies as you can. This can range to weapons, such as taping a shard of glass to a tree branch for a quick, but weak shiv, to stealth-assisting items, such as applying an adhesive to a roman candle firework to create a distraction that can stick to most walls, ceilings and objects.

(An image of the muscular system of a man appears on the screen.)

Jason: Another gameplay mechanic we took great passion in creating was the damage and health system. At NCS West Coast, we put a good amount of time to create a unique damage model system to provide a more brutal and realistic combat. We called it the Vulnus System. The Vulnus System allows damage taken and given to be pinpointed accurately, and gameplay will change due to this. Here are a few examples of the system in use.

(A clip of generic character model limping appears on the screen.)

Jason: One example of the Vulnus System in use is getting shot in the leg. When you get shot in the leg in this game, you will walk with a limp at a much slower pace. This will leave you far more open to further damage, and it is advised that you find some sort of cover or hiding spot to use a healing implement to let you walk properly again. We didn't want the damage to be totally persistent, so healing yourself in any way will alleviate the effects, but the effect will remain until you heal. Here's another example.

(A clip of a a generic character model weakly attacking a thug with a piece of wood appears on the screen.)

Jason: Melee combat will be pretty much your only way of surviving if you are found, but you need to make sure you are actually doing damage. Getting shot in the arms will cause you to become weaker and you will do much less damage with blunt force, although the effectiveness of crafted shivs will still be prevalent. This will force you to just avoid any contact until you are able to heal, unless you want to try to beat somebody to death with 15 or so weak hits. All of the effects that can inflicted on you can also be inflicted on enemies, to provide more realistic scenarios.

The Purge Animals Logo v2

(The logo of The Purge: Animals appears on the screen.)

Jason: To everybody watching here live and anybody watching at home, thank you for letting me show off this new game. We are incredibly excited to be working with James DeMonaco on this project, and we cant wait to show some more of it soon. We'll have information on setting, characters, soundtrack and of course gameplay coming out in the next couple of months, but now my time here is over. I will now pass on to James Winter, one of the lead developers at NCS Prime, to talk about one last surprise. Enjoy!

(Jason walks off of the stage.)


Broken Presentation by James Winter

(James Winter walks onto the stage as his name appears on the screen.)

James Winter: People talk about the apocalypse like they want it to come, like they feel that it would be easy to live through. Somehow, the idea of a zombie apocalypse is a novelty, people just casually chat about it like they would be complete badasses in that situation. The truth is, nobody would be prepared for when one does strike, and this is what we are conveying in our new intellectual property Broken.

Broken Teaser

(Promotional art for Broken appears on the screen.)

James: Drawing inspiration from incredible games such as The Last of Us and Telltale's The Walking Dead, we have crafted an accurate representation of what we feel a true epidemic would be like. People will form allegiances, and people will become enemies. There will be no true good people around, and everybody will be willing to do what they need to do. It is them, or you. We are proud, and excited, to show you the reveal trailer for Broken, that we are calling Paradise Lost. Thank you, and enjoy.

Paradise Lost

Apocalyptica - "Sacra"

Apocalyptica - "Sacra"

(The above music begins. The logo of NINE100 Studios appears on the screen. The screen shows the Cerebermis parasite under a microscope, followed by a bird's eye view of the city of Archerson. The screen pans to Brodie writing.)

Brodie: Day 5656, November 9th, 2028. That piece of crap Waylon tried to bargain with us again, but after the shit he pulled three weeks ago, we ain't gonna even consider working with that asshole. When we lose people, for that, you've gotta be pretty fucking stupid to try and be the benelovent guy.

(The words Day 5656 appear on the screen, which then changes to Day 5634.)

Brodie: Day 5634, October 18th, 2028. We finally calmed down after last years incident to trade with Waylon's group again. Managed to get enough food to last us a good couple-a months. Hopefully we were right in giving them some of our ammunition.

('The words Day 5634 appear on the screen, which then changes to Day 5127.)

Brodie: Day 5127, August 29th, 2027. That fucking guy again, he tried to storm our place using the stuff we fucking gave him. No more allying, we are doing what we need to do now, we aren't going to be messing with any more pricks like him.

('The words Day 5127 appear on the screen, which then changes to Day 3634.)

Brodie: Day 3634, April 28th, 2023. We had to decide what was right for all of us today. When Bryan found her slipping supplies, fuck. If our decision was right, I don't know. I just hope this doesn't blow back up in our faces.

(The words Day 3634 appear on the screen, which then changes to Day 1.)

Brodie: Day 1, May 17th, 2013. Survival of the fittest.

(At 1:27, the scene fades to black, and the logo for Broken appears. The music and screen then fade out.)

(James walks back onto the stage.)

James: Thank you for that incredible reception. The story of Broken will switch between 12 perspectives, including this guy you've just seen, Brodie. These guys are struggling in the city of Archerson, Texas, and have done so for 15 years. However, they aren't the only people struggling, and you'll find yourself in a decade long battle for resources and life. What we'd like to show you now is a live demo of a section of the game, demonstrated and played by my good friend Adam York.

(Adam walks on stage as James leaves. The scene starts from Chloe's perspective as her eyes open, revealing a fire spreading through the building. As she comes to her sense, she finds herself without any weapons, other than a knife.)

Chloe: Where... oh my god. Uh, shit, where's my gun. Fuck, it's gone. All I have is a knife.

Adam York: As you can see, the Ignition Engine really captures the intensity of this situation.

(A piece of flaming wood falls from the ceiling, just missing Chloe.)

Chloe: Crap, I've gotta get out of this place.

(Chloe stands up. The demo shows her running down a corridor as pieces of it fall and collapse. Eventually, she reaches a flaming wall.)

Chloe: Goddammit. Um, I should find a window, see how high I am.

(Chloe turns into a room and finds a numerous smashed windows. She looks out of them, finding that she is fairly high up.)

Chloe: Oh my god, I'm gonna have to go through there.

(Chloe spots a spool of rope hung up on the wall.)

Chloe: I should use that, it'll give me a bit of stability.

(The demo shows Chloe running over to the rope and grabbing it, before tying it to herself.)

Adam: The first-person perspective really helps you feel what Chloe is feeling in this situation.)

(The demo shows Chloe attaching the other end of the rope to a wall hook.)

Chloe: I hope this works.

(Chloe climbs through the window and onto a ledge, before lowering herself down, slowly to each ledge below it. After a while, near the ground, the rope stops, leaving Chloe unable to lower further.)

Chloe: Oh fuck. Uh, I'm not too high, I could probably take that fall. Where's that knife?

(Chloe grabs her knife.)

Chloe: Shit, shit, shit.

(Chloe starts hacking at the rope, as the fire continues to spread through the building. The rope breaks, leaving Chloe to fall, as the screen cuts to black.)

Adam: Thank you everyone for watching this demo for Broken. We do hope you enjoyed this demo, and we are very excited to share with you more information about this game in the future. Next, I would like to bring George Alder back on to the stage, to finish off this show. We look forward to sharing more soon!

(Adam walks off of the stage as George walks back on.)

Press Conference EndEdit

Press Conference End by George Alder

George Alder: I would like to sincerely thank you all for coming to our presentation. This was only a taste of what NINE100 Studios will be bringing to gamers everywhere, and we hope to see you again at Gamescom where we will be looking at both of these games again, and we'll also have some surprises, including some in the road to Cologne. Our E3 conference is over, but we are just beginning, so, again, thank you, and goodbye!

(George walks off of the stage and the press conference ends)