NINE100 Studios/Cancelled Prototypes and Games/Lego Master Builders: The Time Cruisers
The Time Cruisers Logo
Developer(s) Waterfall Games
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios
Designer(s) George Alder
Engine Brick Engine
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer (Split-screen, online)
Ratings BBFC: 7
ESRB: E10+
Series Lego Master Builders
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Wii U, Microsoft Windows
Media Optical disc, download
Input methods Gamepad, keyboard & mouse

Lego Master Builders: The Time Cruisers is an action-adventure game designed by George Alder, developed by Waterfall Games and published by NINE100 Studios. The game is based on Dr. Cyber's return to the modern Lego world, now insane due to being lost in time for many years. The Master Builders of the Lego world come together to try and stop Dr. Cyber, who has formed an army of dinosaurs, monsters and forgotten minifigures.

Story ModeEdit


After many years of being lost in time, Dr. Cyber fell into deep insanity, with only his robot Wacco and his monkey Ingo as companions. While lost, Dr. Cyber developed an army, consisting of prehistoric dinosaurs, monsters and forgotten minifigures such as Dingo Melbourne and Max Timebuster. After fully assembling his army, Dr. Cyber managed to get himself and his army to the modern Lego world, beginning in Bricksburg. The master builders, now led by Emmet Brickowski, once again come together to prevent large-scale destruction, including new master builders such as Piccolo, James Bond and The Doctor.


The game begins with Emmet, Wyldstyle, Benny and Unikitty watching TV on a double decker couch in Cloud Cuckoo Land when both MetalBeard and Batman burst in and simultaneously inform the four about some problems at Bricksburg. The scene changes to Bricksburg, where a large vortex is opening up in a street. Dr. Cyber, Wacco and Ingo emerge from the vortex, and his army start pouring out.





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Lego Master Builders: The Time Cruisers features a wide array of characters with varying abilities, ranging from master builders, villians and others. All characters are able to build objects out of scattered Lego bricks, although master builders and some villains are capable of building much quicker. While some abilities are shared by numerous characters, such as flight or lockpicking, some abilities are unique to one character, such as Piccolo's ability to grow large. Some characters also carry weapons which also have the potential to be unique, such as Leonard McCoy's phaser.


Main article: Lego Master Builders: The Time Cruisers/Vehicles

Vehicles are quite prevalent in Lego Master Builders: The Time Cruisers, not only in the different levels but especially in the open world hub. There are many different types of vehicles, ranging from motor vehicles to animals. While a good amount of vehicles are limited to basic driving, flying, sailing or riding, some of them have extra abilities, such as the Aston Martin DB5's machine guns or the Tyrannosaurus Rex's ability to pick up and eat minifigures. While the most common vehicle type is land-based motor vehicles, there is also a fairly large selection of planes, helicopters, boats, animals and custom master-built vehicles to choose from.



No. Name Gamerscore Trophy
1 Master Builder N/A Platinum Trophy
Congratulations, you have gathered all other trophies!