As like many other companies, NINE100 Studios goes through through many prototypes before settling on the game that will be fully developed. This page will list the cancelled prototypes and games originally conceived by the studio.

A Fractured State of MindEdit

A Fractured State of Mind was a concept created by Tommy Gun Studios that was heavily inspired by Far Cry 3. The game took place in the Keratonian Islands, comparable to a more developed version of the Rook Islands. The protagonist of the game was Alyssa Hall, who was left stranded on the islands with nothing after a plane crash, highlighted only by unclear scenes. It was thought that flashbacks would play a major role in the story, and that they were often caused by very specific triggers. It was eventually cancelled after Tommy Gun Studios began to specialise in graphic adventure games.


Thunderbreak was originally the first game developed by NCS Hamburg. It was an open world action RPG that used a combat system consisting of melee, ranged and magic. The game was set in the realm of Cynestesia, one of the biggest realms on the world of Septasgus, and the main protagonist was Aeon Dunwulf. The game featured heavy customisation options, allowing the player to customise Aeon, his clothes, his armour and properties he owns. The game was cancelled because NINE100 Hamburg felt that a huge-scale RPG would be too difficult to develop as the studio's first game. It has been hinted that the game would be reintroduced in the future, and a trailer named The Legend was released before it's cancellation/hiatus.

The Legend Trailer

Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

(The above music begins. The NINE100 Studios logo is displayed. At 0:04 the scene fades into a lightning storm. At 0:14 Aeon Dunwulf walks in front of the storm, and only his back and left arm are visible. At 0:20, Aeon generates electricity in his hand, and then relaxes it. At 0:27, Aeon starts walking towards the storm.)

Aeon Dunwulf: Wherever I roam, whichever town I town I discover, the people know who I am. I am Aeon Dunwulf, but across the lands, I am known as The Amalgam. They hear legends about a man who travels across realms, hunting, killing and not facing any threats.

(At 0:55, Aeon stops, and unsheathes his sword and holds it down his right side. At 1:00, Aeon looks at the ground. At 1:05, the swords becomes electrified and Aeon looks forwards.)

Aeon: I am the legend...

(At 1:10, the scene switchs to Aeon stabbing a Troll in the leg and electrifying his sword. At 1:17, the scene changes to Aeon hanging on to an in-flight Bevinget while generating fire in his free hand. At 1:30, the scene changes to Aeon loading a bolt into a crossbow, while freezing it, and then aiming it and firing at an Avfall. At 1:38, the scene changes back to Aeon in front of the storm.)

Aeon: ...and I will not let the legend become a lie.

(At 1:45, a shadow starts rising in front of Aeon. At 1:52, the music and the scene fade out, and the logo for Thunderbreak appears on the screen.)

The CompositionEdit

The Composition was a concept created by George Alder that centered around four people with different superpowers. The four characters were Korode, Hydra, Incendia and Gore, who had Acid, Water, Fire and Blood powers, respectively. Each character had a unique levelling tree with different upgrades that could be acquired. It was also thought that each character would play very differently. The concept had no decided developer and was eventually considered to be just an idea. However, a presentation and trailer for th game was written, and it was thought that the game would've been initially revealed at Gamescom 2014.

The Composition Presentation by a Person

Person: Hello. My name is ..., and I am the director of NINE100 Hamburg's new IP that I'm gonna be telling you about today. What we wanted to focus on in this game was intense, fast co-op gameplay, and while you aren't forced into playing with others, the experience is much richer if you do. With four characters that can each manipulate different things, you will need your team if you want to survive. You are The Composition.

The Composition Teaser

(Promotional art for The Composition appears on the screen.)

Person: These characters are all optimised for varying play styles. Korode is our close-combat specialist, and he can manipulate and generate acid at his will. Hydra is what we call the versatility specialist, being able to maniuplate, generate and also dematerialise water. Incendia is our long range specialist, utilising her fire manipulation powers to shoot firestreams and and fireballs at her enemies. Finally, we have Gore, our support class, who can generate, clot and bend blood at his will.

(Concept art of the four characters is shown on the screen.)

Person: We tried to provide playstyles that could suit any type of player, whether they are somebody who wants to charge straight into battle, or they are somebody who prefers to hang back to make sure everyone is in good condition. Each character also has their own unique levelling tree, each with skills that will help the player in many situations. What we'd like to show you now is a short trailer, that'll give you a bit of insight into these four characters.

(The person walks off the stage.)


(The above music begins. The NINE100 Studios logo is displayed. At 0:04, Korode, Hydra, Incendia and Gore walk into a line. At 0:10, Korode is shown with his hand on an enemies face, melting it with acid. At 0:14, Hydra is showns strafing and firing highly pressurised water streams at enemies. At 0:20, Incendia is shown generating a fireball and launching it at some enemies. At 0:26, Gore is shown clotting an enemies throat and choking them to death. At 0:30, the scene switches to the four around a table.)

Korode: Word is they are gonna be attacking-

Incendia: The airport? No shit, they've been trying to take it down for weeks.

Korode: I would've imagined that they would try and take down something different for once, but they clearly aren't the most intelligent of oppositions.

Hydra: Who's your source?

Korode: A faux weapons dealer who works closely with them, he's tipped me off on most of the recent attacks.

Gore: You are getting your information from a guy with strong ties to the enemy. You're a fucking idiot.

Korode: Considering he's given me correct information all of the time, you can shut the hell up.

(At 0:49, the scene changes to the four approaching the entrance to the airport. At 0:59, the scene changes back to the four at the table.)

Incendia: Hang on, is this the same guy that told you they had developed no enhancements for their mall attack?

Korode: Yes, but I'd work under the assumption that he isn't close enough to them to know for certain.

Gore: So, what, we're going to immediately take on what he says?

Korode: We have every other time. Hey, what else are we gona do.

(At 1:19, the scene switches to an giant iceball crashing through the roof of the airport. At 1:23, the scene changes to the four running through the airport, firing at enemies with similar powers. At 1:33, Gore is shown clotting a wound sustained by Hydra. At 1:38, the music cuts out and the scene cuts to black. The logo for The Composition is then displayed.

(The person walks back on stage.)

Person: Four incredibly contrasting characters are featured here, in both personality and abilities. Almost never in agreement and always arguing in the battlefield, you'll find yourselves in wars between the group and the enemies, and the members of the groups themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a pleasure to speak to you about The Composition, but now, I will be welcoming Erik Miller onto the stage, to show you some really awesome tech demos using the Ignition Engine. Thank you all.

(The person walks off the stage.)


Vitiation was a concept being worked on by NCS Pittsburgh, and followed a worldwide spread of a man-made mutation of the phoridae apocephalus borealis. The primary threat in the game were swarms of bees that wer infected with the phoridae, and the protagonist, Megan Calhounm, can only defend herself using D.I.Y. weapons that spread fire in some way. Her whole journey was said to be to Chicago, and it is mentioned that she would have to deal with nature, illness and humans. This concept was eventually put 'on hiatus', meaning that it isn't actively being worked on but hasn't been fully scrapped.

Riot Control: Consummate AnarchyEdit

Riot Control: Consummate Anarchy was a concept being worked on by NCS Chicago, which was said to follow the Detroit Police Department during an event known as Red December, where anarchists and domestic terrorists are threating the lives of many innocent people. Very few gameplay details were known, but it was rumoured that the player would control various members of the police force in the game. This concept was later abandoned, but it is thought that the Red December concept would be used in another game from NINE100 Studios.

Lego Master Builders: The Time CruisersEdit

Main article: NINE100 Studios/Cancelled Prototypes and Games/Lego Master Builders: The Time Cruisers

Lego Master Builders: The Time Cruisers was originally being developed by Waterfall Games after NINE100 Studios' partnership with The Lego Group. However, the partnership eventually fell apart and development on the game was stopped. The development studio, originally founded due to this partnership, faced some lay-offs, but the studio was kept open as NINE100 Studios' specialist platformer studio, which began work on a new project near immediately after the cancellation.