Motherfucker Ledoux
Birth date 1966 - Quebec, Canada
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Mass 245 Pounds
Hair color Bald, Brown facial hair
Eye colour Green
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Police Officer
Age 52 Years Old
Nickname(s) Motherfucker
Affiliation(s) The Chosen Few
Appearances Dark Half 3
Voiced by Jean Reno

Adrian Ledoux, more commonly known as Motherfucker Ledoux is a 52 year old Franco-Canadian male and an ally to Joshua DeHaan in Dark Half 3.  Motherfucker Ledoux is the leader of The Chosen Few, a small group of survivors. A was a former NYPD Staff Sergeant, he faces every situation with a very dark sense of humor and witty remarks which compliment his nothing to lose demeanor. Ledoux earned his nickname because of his vicious nature when dealing with people who get in his way. 

Adrian Ledoux is a morally ambiguous person when dealing with survivors and the Marauders.


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