The Mk 14 is an assault rifle featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

Mk 14
Console codename




Damage Multipliers

1.4x headshot

Magazine Size

20 rounds


Assault rifle

Starting Ammunition

60 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

100 rounds

Reload Time

2.90s loaded
3.25s unloaded

Rate of Fire

550 RPM


40-20 (35-15 suppressed)





Fire Mode


Used by


"The Designated Marksman Rifle of the assault rifles, the Mk14 has high damage and long range, which can kill in 2 shots at any range and one shot at close if it is a headshot. Due it greater mobility compared to sniper rifles, the Mk14 is extremely useful as primary weapon."
―Warzone Gunmaster description
The Mk14 makes its return in Warzone: Iron Wolf as the assault rifle. The Mk14 has a black and brown finish and appears much like the M21 EBR from Warzone. It uses a 20 round magazine. 


The Mk14 appears in the mission Walking through Caracas as the Saint's main weapon. It is equiped with a marksman sight, a 7x scope, which is not available in multiplayer. The Mk14 is not used by any other member of the Predators or elsewhere in the campaign available.


The Mk14 has not appeared in the multiplayer yet, but is confirmed to be unlockable at the early level of 9. It is the only single-shot semi-automatic rifle on offer. In combat, the weapon is devastating at long range with heavy damage and excellent accuracy. It is a favored weapon in Hardcore modes.

Adding attachments such as the ACOG Scope, Holo Magnifier and the Thermal Scope can make it into a light sniper rifle with the mobility and ADS of a normal Assault. In addition, the ACOG's sway is significantly reduced, compared to the other rifles.

The Mk14 tends to be much less reliable in close quarters, thus it is recommended to combine this weapon with a good pistol such as the TDI Kard or use the Overkill upgrade for an SMG or shotgun to help counter enemies who rely on close combat.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

  • Reflex Sight
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Silencer
  • Laser Sight
  • Dual Sight
  • Extended Clip
  • Grip
  • Select Fire
  • Dual Mags
  • ACOG Scope
  • EOTech Holographic
  • Compensator
  • Holo Magnifier
  • Scanner Scope
  • Quickdraw Grip
  • Collapsed Stock


Original sound

w/ Suppressor

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