"Come on Kev'... Let's go home."
―Saint to Cerberus during their approach of the town
Previous level None
Next level Sagitarrio
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Calvin "Saint" Silex
Team Predators
Weapons AAC Honey Badger Grenadier w/ Red Dot Sight

TDI Kard

Enemy weapons FN F2000 Tactical w/ various attachments

NGA X7 w/ various attachments
Skorpion EVO III w/ various attachments
MP5 w/ various attachments
MG4 w/ various attachments
MSR (Seen only, not obtainable)
4 Gauge Shotgun
.44 Magnum

Place Town in Indiana, United States
Date March 7th - 11:07:39 AM
Enemies Typhoon

 Memories is the first mission in Warzone: Iron Wolf. It focuses on Calvin "Saint" Silex in 2033, returning to his old neighbourhood in Indiana in order to secure "Patriot", with Typhoon forces in the area. 


Main article: Memories/transcript


  • Opening the Scrapbook (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete Memories on any difficulty
  • Ghost by Notes (30 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy silver) - Don't break stealth in the infiltration sequence on Veteran
  • New Group, New Game (45 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy silver) - Complete Memories, The Line and Walking through Caracas on Veteran

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