A transcript of the Meltdown Teaser Trailer, released on April 28th, 2018.


The screen is black. Sparks of white are shown occasionally, and blue flashes zoom across the screen from left to right in intervals. An unknown person begins speaking, and the blue flashes correspond with his words, with the flashes brightening and dimming with the speaker's volume.

Unknown: After every night, the sun will rise. Believe in our cause. We shall yet rise to our rightful throne.

The sparks intensify. Soon, a crash is heard, followed by a feminine automated voice. 

Automated Voice: All personnel, lethal radiation leak detected in the reactor room. Emergency evacuation procedures have been initiated.

The automated voice becomes gradually quieter. A spark rushes through the screen in an M path. The wire it is following begins to glow in the wake of the spark. The camera zooms as the spark travels through more wires, continuing to leave a glow in it's wake, until the title of the game, Meltdown, is revealed.

The camera cuts to a screen showing five vertical lines, and the spark apears, tracing an 8 to the right of the ones. Two more sparks explode at the bottom of the screen between the second and fourth lines to create dots, revealing the date of the game's release.

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