The MSMCis a Submachine gun featured in Warzone: Shade.

Warzone: ShadeEdit



Magazine Size

Standard: 30 rounds

Extended Mags: 45 rounds

Unlocked at

level 8

Starting Ammunition

30+90 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

30+150 (SP)

30+180 (MP)

Reload Time

2.4s loaded, 2.81s unloaded

Rate of Fire

735 RPM



Fire Mode


Used by

Hawaii Separatists

"Fully Automatic. Reduced recoil and high damage."
―In-game description
The MSMC appears in Warzone: Shade.


The MSMC is heavily used by enemy forces during the campaign. Along with the Abakan and Galil ACE, it is a common armament of the Hawaii Separatists, presumably imported from arms dealers.

Corporal Dalton of the Shade will also start out with an MSMC in Safeguard. It is equipped with a Suppressor and Red Dot Sight.


The MSMC is unlocked for multiplayer use at level 8. It has the highest damage of all submachine guns, just barely above the Onyks, but is offset by a lower fire rate and a higher recoil. It is best used in very close encounters and generally avoiding ranged combat whenever possible.

Despite its heavy recoil and lower accuracy, the weapon retains a high damage even at ranges where the cousin weapons will begin to lose their power. The MSMC has the second-longest maximum damage range, only succeeded by the Vector ACP. However, it is not advisable to get comfortable at such a distance as there are other weapons that are far more proficient.

Overall, the MSMC remains a popular weapon in Shade multiplayer due to its heavy damage and good range. Equiping a foregrip is essential, combating the averagely speaking heavy recoil. The compensator is the second best attachment for the weapon, extending maximum damage range and causing enemies in one-on-one duels to flinch harder, throwing of their aim.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

  • Reflex Sight
  • EOTech Sight
  • Tracking Sight
  • Long Barrel
  • Suppressor
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Extended Mags
  • AP Rounds
  • Quickdraw Handle
  • Grip
  • Collapsible Stock
  • Over-Gassed
  • Laser Sight

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