"Long have we tolerated the interests of our American overlords. My brothers, there has never been a greater opportunity to reverse this annexation. I hereby declare that all mainland born Americans stepping foot on Oahu are to be imprisoned and deported back to the mainland."
―Chairman Masaomi Koyara
Leader(s) Masaomi Koyara


Governor Glenn Reid

Appears in Warzone: Shade
Type Political Party and Separatist Force
Engagements Hawaiian Island Uprising
Active 2018 (Ideals have been active since 1894)

The Movement for Hawaii Liberation or MHL are a radical anti-American faction and the main antagonists of Warzone: Shade. They actively seek to establish the Hawaiian Islands as an independent government body from the United States of America.


The ideals of the MHL date back to the Hawaiian resistance to US influence during their rise as an imperial power. Such ideals were passed down from previous generations.

During his rise to power as the head of the shipping giant Koyara Incorporated, Chairman Masaomi Koyara adopted the beliefs that Hawaii should maintain an independence from the rest of the mainland United States and associate itself with its Asian neighbors instead of America. Many Hawaiians felt patriotic towards his beliefs and others fiercely opposed it, although many of his powerful opponents "disappeared" in a slow but steady manner, the opinion of the general public began to turn in his favor.

2018 takeover of OahuEdit

Equipment and SoldiersEdit

The MHL has a significant amount of military muscle that challenged the local US Naval forces in Pearl Harbor. Masaomi Koyara's immense wealth allowed him to arm his new army with modern weaponry at a negotiable price with Middle Eastern and South American arms dealers. The majority of the MHL is made up of previous mercenaries with various training and it's believed that many of them are ex-special forces of varying countries. US Naval Intelligence estimates the amount of freelancers operating under the MHL's influence is approximately 600 soldiers.

Some of the Asian MHL members have tattoos on them, presuming to be more radical Yakuza allied with Koyara.

Aside from the mercenaries are armed civilians fighting under the name MHL. While not under command of Shinobi, the armed civilians traveled to the island to participate in the riots as it seems a greater cause in their eyes. Some eventually got weapons from the mercenary supply. They have less health and a worse accuracy than the trained mercenaries, but can still catch you off guard.

The MHL have been seen using the following weapons:

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