Damage 35-22
Suppression Moderate
Magazine size 30 Rounds
Ammunition 5x56x45mm NATO
The M42 IAR (Colt Infantry Assault Rifle) is the Infantry Automatic Rifle variant of the M16A3 Assault Rifle.  


The M42 IAR is used by the United States Army and functions similary to the M27 IAR used by the United States Marine Corps.


The M42 IAR is unlocked after competing the Overkill weapons assignment


The  M42 IAR doesn't have any weapon variants


Optical AttachmentsEdit

  • M68 Close Combat Optic
  • 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
  • M145 Machine Gun Optic
  • M150 Rifle Combat Optic
  • PAS-13G  Thermal Weapon Sight

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