The M16A4 is a three-round burst Assault Rifle featured in Warzone and Homeland


Console codename




Damage Multipliers

1.4x Headshot

Magazine Size

30+1 Rounds


Assault Rifles

Unlocked at


Starting Ammunition

31+90 Rounds

Maximum Ammunition

150 Rounds

Reload Time

2.2s loaded
2.75s unloaded

Rate of Fire

937 RPM (per burst, 459 RPM overall)


M16A4 range





Fire Mode

3-Round burst

HUD icon


"The M16A4 fires highly accurate 3-round bursts for precise firing on targets. Its semi-auto fire performs best in mid to long-range combat where you can lock all shots on your enemy. A single burst of 937 RPM can dispatch enemies in mid-range, making it a fast killing weapon."
―In-game description


The M16A4 is commonly used by American forces who fight alongside Delta Force in New York and Europe and the starting weapon in Black Friday, with a Red Dot Sight and a foregrip. In friendly hands, it is usually seen with an optical attachment and sometimes with an underbarrel launcher or grip. 


The M16A4 is the default weapon in the Assault Rifle category. Due to it's 3-round burst fire and thus long learning curve, new players often start using the MP5 rather than the A4. However, the A4 is often a choice for more advanced players, as the burst fire has a low recoil pattern, but delivers high damage and an ability to dispatch foes quickly. The M16A4 also has a good range, similar to the HK-416, but lower than the SCAR-H. It's rate of fire is great, but the burst delay balances it somewhat.


The M16A4 appears in Co-op as one of the main weapons. It appears in the tier one missions Intensive Care and Fare Evasion and in the tier two mission Secret Service. It also appears in the hands of soldiers in the mission Eye from the Sky, proved by the burst fire. It is not as useful in Co-op as it is in multiplayer, due to reaction time is less of an issue in Co-op and the A4 is surpassed by spray and pray with SMGs and automatic firing Assault Rifles in most of the levels where it is available.


"Three-round burst assault rifle with select fire capabilities, performs best in mid to long-rang firefights where accuracy is needed most."
―In-game Description


The M16A4 is seen in the hands of Strategic Homeland SWAT Division operators.


The M16A4 is set to appear in the multiplayer component of the game.

Weapon Attachments and ModificationsEdit

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