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Lost World
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Developer(s) Reconsoft Hamburg
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios (Worldwide)

Reconsoft (Japan and Korea)

Genre(s) Science Fiction

Open World Survival First Person Shooter

Creator(s) Adrian Ziegler

Junji Tanaka

Engine Modified Paradox Engine
Platform(s) Xbox One

Playstation 4

Microsoft Windows


First Release Lost World
Latest Release N/A
"Get Lost and Survive"
―Official Game's Tagline
Lost World is a series of Open-World Survival First Person-Shooters developed by Reconsoft's subsidiary Reconsoft Hamburg and published by NINE100 Studios. The developers planned to make each installement different from each others. The devs and fans alike describe this game as "Shoot All Dinos and Bad Guys at the same time you have to survive in a harsh nature conditions"

Summary of the SeriesEdit

Gameplay's PremisesEdit

The main thing in this game is to survive in a harsh, unforgiving world filled with exotic and dangerous prehistoric creatures while at the same time thinking your strategy and manage your available resources. The game tend to be realisitc, features such as gun jamming mechanics, weapon degradation and realistic healing system are become the core of the gameplay beside the basic shooting and killings.



Main Games:Edit

Lost WorldEdit

  • Release Date: October 28, 2018

The first Installment of the Series. Focused on a Protagonist named Frank Willard who is a Space-Time Investigaion Bureau agent sent to an unkown era to search for survivors that stranded there along with the military stations, research facility, and small fictional city named Kirkland Town that originally came from Modern-Day United States Midwest.

Lost World 2Edit

Lost World 3Edit

Lost World 4Edit

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