Lost World
Lostworld cover
Developer(s) Reconsoft Hamburg
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios (Worldwide)

Reconsoft (Japan and Korea)

Designer(s) Adrian Ziegler

Junji Tanaka

Engine Modified Paradox Engine
Released October 28, 2018
Genre(s) Open World Survival First-Person Shooter
Ratings ESRB: M
Series Lost World
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Playstation 4


Xbox One

Media Optical Disc

Digital Distribution

"What in the world is this place"
―Official tagline for the game

Lost World is an Open-World Survival First-Person Shooter developed by Reconsoft Hamburg and Published by NINE100 Studios.

The Game set in a mysterious place in an unknown era (presumably cretaceous era) where dinosaurs and other creatures roam free. Focused on a Protagonist named Frank Willard who is a Spacetime Special Investigaion Bureau agent sent into that era to search for survivors that stranded there along with the military installations, research facility, and small fictional city named Kirkland Town that originally came from Modern-Day United States Midwest.



Weapons and EquipmentsEdit


The Game use the heavily modified engine that used by Paradox games. Despite using the same engine, the graphic were photorealisitc rather than semi-cartoonish/anime. According to the Adrian Ziegler, the lead designer of the game, Lost World is inspired from classic games such as Dino Crisis and Turok as well as the STALKER game in term of gameplay. He describe the premise as the game as "Survive in a harsh, unforgiving world while shooting at those dangers and reach your objectives at the same time".

For the characters design, the team were succeded to recreate a character models that almost identical with the real actors who play those characters. The creatures 3d models and the texture were optimized and polished to match with the photorealistic 3D world environment. The Dinosaurs featured in the game follows their correct scientific reconstruction, adding feathers to the raptors and partially to the T-Rex and also the team work with paleontologist and dinosaur expert in order to make sure how the creature act, eat, work and so on.


In-Game FootageEdit

Concept ArtEdit

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