Legend of Stygr (スチギルの伝説)
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Developer(s) Reconsoft Akiba
Publisher(s) Reconsoft (Japan Only)

NINE100 Studios (Worldwide)

Genre(s) Action Roleplaying Game
Creator(s) Hiroshi Takagi
Engine Modified Paradox 1.5
Platform(s) Playstation 4

Playstation Vita


First Release October 15, 2017
Latest Release N/A
"The Legend is Real"
―Game's Tagline from Famitsu Magazine cover

Legend of Stygr (Japanese: スチギルの伝説; Hepburn: Suchigiru no Densetsu) is a video game and animated franchiese created by Hiroshi Takagi, one of the Reconsoft Akiba's creative director staff. The first game is developed by Reconsoft Akiba and published by Reconsoft on Japan and NINE100 Studios Worldwide. It's a Playstation and Anima-exclusive titles.

Universe and SettingsEdit

Legend of Stygr set in a high fantasy world called Etherius. The Story mainly focused on Remanican Knight named Felix Venicius alongside his Companion; A Remanican Cavalier Maxwell Vilnus, Waringen Berserker Boromir Thorgenson and a Ursinese Juggernaut Brungbaren - in a quest to find a long lost legendary place called Stygria and rescue a last Valkyr warrior, Hilde Stygr.



Main Games:

  • Legend of Stygr upcoming WW 10/15/17 - First entry to the Series.
  • Legend of Stgyr II: Symphonia of Novordia

Other MediaEdit

Comic Book/Manga:Edit

  • Legend of Stygr - an official manga adaptation. the story taken from the canonical storyline of the first game.

Animated Series:Edit

  • Legend of Stygr - a 2019 animated series. TBA.

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