Kilo One: "Champion this is Kilo-One, wolf in sheepskin successful."
Champion: "Good work Kilo-One. Proceed up the slope to Diamond Head. Make sure extraction is available for a lot of people."
Kilo One: "Got it. Velasco, stay out of sight with the van. Dalton and I are headed up."
— Kilo One to Champion to say that the first phase was successful.
Previous level Cloak of Darkness
Next level Remember This Hour
Game Warzone: Shade
Character Cpl. Dalton
Weapons Starting Loadout

SPR 12 w/Variable Zoom

MK23 w/Tactical Knife

Found in level


Vector ACP w/EOTech Sight and Muzzle Brake


Enemy weapons Galil ACE w/various attachments

MSMC w/various attachments MSG90

Abakan w/various attachments




Place Diamond Head, Hawaiian Islands
Objective Secure Diamond Head
Enemies MHL

"Le'ahi" is the third campaign mission of Warzone: Shade, although it was the first one revealed in the Shade Campaign Gameplay Demonstration. It features  Shade team attempting to secure Diamond Head crater to provide overwatch and rescue trapped people at the peak.


Main article: Le'ahi transcript


  • Le'ahi is another name for Diamond Head crater park in Hawaii.

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