Karkow 911
Korkow 911
Production information
Type Shotgun
Classification Small Arms
Official Designation Model 911
Country of Origin Greater United States
Manufacturer Karkow Arms
Produced 2043-2075
Technical specifications
Weight 2.3 Kilograms
Length 36.74 Inches
Barrel Length 22 Inches
Cartridge 12 Gauge
Rounds 10+1 Internal Tube Magazine
Rate of Fire 80 Rounds Per Minute
Range 100 Meters
In-Game information
Appears in Rescindment: The Final Days of Famine
Console Codename Karkow 911
Used by The Brotherhood
Wars None
The Karkow 911 is a pump-action shotgun designed to serve the needs of all law enforcement departments around the Greater United States. Manufactured in 2043, 37 years after the Extinction Event, only a few functional 911s have been smuggled into Hortus. The Karkow 911 fires the standard 12 Gauge Double 00 Buck as well as the newly developed 12 Gauge Shock Charge round. 



The Karkow 911 is given to Ryker by Man after his operation which implanted a chip inside his head to break the connection between his brain and the Hortian Government in the mission, Here There Be Dragons.

The Karkow 911 fires the standard 12 Gauge Double 00 Buck as well as the newly developed 12 Gauge Shock Charge round. While the standard buck is great at devastating a man up close, the ammunition is not very common and can be harder to find later on. The 12 Gauge Shock Charge round, while easier to find, does less damage and is meant to shock the enemy who is hit. Once the gun is upgraded with the "Concussion Spring" mod, the gun's buck rounds will actually force enemies backwards as an added effect. The shock rounds, after the "Static DIscharger" mod is added, will cause electricity to arc from person to person until the first enemy hit shrugs off the shock effect. Finally, after the 911 has the "Kinetic Stock", the shotgun's regular buck rounds will now explode and deal more damage to armored enemies. The shock rounds will also receive another upgrade, known as the "Electric Core"  which causes the electric rounds stun time to increase and even forces enemies to the ground.

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