Gender Male
Race/ethnicity Hispanic
Appearances Deception
Voiced by John Leguizamo

"Kamar is the epitome of insanity corrupted by his traumatizing past and constant drug abuse. His unhinged comedic antics and Glasgow Smile are oddly reminiscent of The Joker only lacking his sociopathic traits and iconic mannerisms. Whilst hopped-up on drugs, Kamar is extremely tolerant to pain being able to laugh off his eye getting gouged out."
―Leaked Intelligence Applications Group Dossier

Kamar is a character set to appear in the Black Operations Expansion Pack for Fog of War: Insurrection.


Being 24 years old, Kamar was born sometime in 2002 to a single mother in Colombia. At the age of 16 his junkie mother injected him with heroin in an effort to kill him but failed to do so. To feed his newly formed addiction he stole cocaine from a Colombian drug trafficker, eventually caught he was stabbed in the face and his mother was killed. Ever since then he has been depended on a cocktail of drugs.

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