The K7 is a submachine gun featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

The K7 only appears in multiplayer. Like the AAC Honey Badger, it has an integrated silencer that cannot be removed.


"While the K7 isn't the longest range or fastest firing SMG, it already has a bonus even unmodified. The silencer automatically means that it is a silent but deadly weapon. Stick to close range and deliver a shocking blow to the least expecting foes."
―In-game description


Magazine Size

30 rounds (40 with Extended Clip)

Unlocked at

level 10

Starting Ammunition

60 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

150 rounds

Reload Time

1.9 seconds (2.2 unloaded)

Rate of Fire

870 RPM



Fire Mode


The K7 is unlocked at level 10. Popular belief is that the silencer will automatically decrease its potential range if it ever was removed. This has been confirmed false, as the K7 does not suffer from a range decrease because of the silencer. Because of this, it is the only SMG that doesn't have the silencer attachment, since it is already equipped.

The stats of the weapon are a balanced combo. It performs well in many situations but isn't suited to one specialized role. Versatility is its game and it can be customized and adapted to any situation where most other SMGs will struggle.

Since the silencer is an included attachment, the K7 can be put to good use as a stealth SMG, as it opens up room for additional attachments to further enhance its capabilities. Due to obvious reasons, it is the only SMG that does not have a Silencer option, with one already built-in.

Using the Over-gassed Action will allow a very quick killing time and the silencer will muffle your shots. The combo is a very effective ambush tactic. Be sure to equip stealth perks to further increase your infiltration abilities.

Weapon attachmentsEdit

  • Reflex Sight
  • Laser Sight
  • Extended Clip
  • Grip
  • Select Fire
  • EOTech Holographic
  • Quickdraw Grip
  • Over-gassed Action
  • FMJ Rounds
  • Collapsible Stock

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