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Prophet: "Wolfhound, no sign of HVT, I repeat no sign of HVT. Cardinal, any luck at the other side of the world?"
Cardinal: "Negative, no sign of him. Perhaps he will be gone forever."
Prophet: "Well that's going to change. We got all his records in a nice playbook."
— Prophet to Cardinal during their split up[src]
Just Cause
Previous level Act of Valor
Next level Cedo Nulli
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Calvin "Saint" Silex
Team Predators
Weapons CZ 805 BREN Grenadier w/ Holographic sight and Silencer

USP.45 w/ silencer and laser pointer
HK 417 w/ ACOG scope (Used during shootout scene)

Enemy weapons NGA X7 w/ various attachements

F2000 Tactical w/ various attachemnet
Skorpion EVO III whit(out) optical
PP-19 Bizon w/various attachments MG4
MSR (heard only)
Glock 31


Place Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date March 10th, 2033 - 06:27:25 AM
Enemies Typhoon

Central Intelligence Agency

Just Cause is the second revealed mission in the campaign of Warzone: Iron Wolf. It features Calvin "Saint" Silex alongside the other Predator operators Deuce and Prophet in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. trying to find an HVT.


The mission starts with Saint, Deuce and Prophet on a rooftop looking at the illuminated skyline of Dubai during the night. After loosing contact with command, they decide to rappel down, only to see that they can't reach the target balcony. They improvise and cut the windows with flame cutters and use nano glove to prevent the window to fall. They walk into the building.

They enter the building floor, evading and killing enemy snipers in other buildings with the help of the jet engines of planes to remain dark. They clear out the floor quickly and reach the elevator hall. They see a few guards and decide to follow their trails. They step out on another floor, now hearing about Typhoon's influence in the building. 

They quickly move on and sweep out all hostiles on a floor full of crates. After they are free of enemies, Prophet discovers that the place is rigged with explosives, ready to destroy all evidence from the building. With the idea of Prophet that the hidden stuff is upstairs, they climb the stairs and arrive at another floor.

Saint sees red glare coming from the room and after they breach the door, they see Typhoon soldiers ditching evidence by teh use of fire. They have to stop them in order to secure intel on the HVT and Parker. They split up and Saint is saved by Deuce with a close call. 

Suddenly, the explosions detonate and the buildign slowly begins to fall. Spike manages to grab the edge of the building, but can't hold on for much longer. With pick up on the way, Prophet says that Wolfhound needs to call in the blackout in order to complete the mission, even though the pick up will be gone. When Saint manages to adjust his rope to the edge and release grip from the building, Wolfhound calls in the blackout and the city goes dark, with Saint crashing on a lower floor while both building fall into each other.

Before Saint restores from the smack, a chopper arrives next to the building. It highlights him with it's bright white light.


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  • Acrophobia - Complete Just Cause on any difficulty
  • Plane Spotting - Kill 3 unaware enemies with an unsilenced weapon while an incoming jet masks the shot noise.
  • You Can't Kill Me - Complete Just Cause and Cedo Nulli on Veteran


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