"Now the whole world knows you died scratching my balls"
―Murray after witnessing the death of the unknown man.
Jay Murray
Jay Murray
Birth date 1990
Gender Male
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality British-American
Occupation Secret Agent
Age 36
Nickname(s) Anton Strung Out
Affiliation(s) Intelligence Applications Group
Appearances Fog of War: Insurrection
Voiced by Paul Blackthorne

 Secret Agent Jay Murray is a character set to appear in the Black Operations Expansion Pack for Fog of War: Insurrection.


Early Life:

Not much is known about Murray’s early life except that he was born sometime in the 1990s, and grew up in England.  

Military Career

Murray joined the United States Army Special Forces after leaving the United States Army sometime in 2011. Seven years later Murray’s impressive track record caught the attention of the United States President. Meeting the criteria, he is offered a job as secret agent for the newly formed Intelligence Applications Group. 

Events of Deception

Murray was a lone operative assigned to track down a former CIA agent for selling intelligence to enemies, confronting him and finally hunting him down, he kills him in self-defense. Discovering  intel and reporting it to IAG Director Drydan, he is sent to Tokyo, Japan to capture and interrogate Alec De Wit due to him funding conspiring terrorist Bing Bing. Landing in Tokyo, Murray goes to De Wit’s house to find intel on his whereabouts. Finding De Wit, Murray travels to Kouze where upon arrival, he is told that professional killer Rapace has a contract on De Wit and that he is in Tokyo. Spotting him and preventing the assassination of De Wit, Murray kills Rapace but at the cost of losing sight of De Wit.Two months later, Jay Murray is reallocated and sent to Colombia to meet with Kamar, a drug dealer with apparent connections to De Wit. Being the only lead, Murray befriends Kamar and after a lengthy car trip, he agrees to take Murray to De Wit’s drug importer.  

Personality and Traits

Despite his rough and callous exterior, Jay Murray still has a human side as expressed when he saved Kamar, a man he just met. Undergoing serve unbeknownst behaviour modification when first recruited into the Intelligence Applications Group this further amplified his already cold and stoic nature. Jay Murray has a high level of critical thinking and is a linear-type of person who moves quickly and brutally towards his goal, executing it with efficiency. Jay Murray is extremely charismatic and has amazing social skills gifted with a silver tongue, allowing him to effectively lie his way out of a situation and even the ability to seduce a member of the same sex. 


After a life time of training Jay Murray represents the pinnacle of physically conditioning.

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