Jadyn L. Amaris
Jadyn Amaris 2
Birth date July 2, 1992

San Francisco, California

Gender Female
Hair color Auburn
Eye colour Blue
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Blood type A-
Occupation Shade Officer
Age 26
Status Alive
Affiliation(s) Shade
Appearances Shade: Eagle Eye
Portrayed by Lyndsy Fonseca

Officer Jadyn L. Amaris is a Shade operative and a member of the Special Projects unit known as the Eagles.

Amaris is one of the main characters in the ABC drama, Shade: Eagle Eye.


Jadyn Amaris was born on July 2, 1992 in San Francisco, California. Her family moved to Miami, where she grew up with her two older sisters. They attended wealthy private schools with the three of them eventually catching the eye of a model scout. The scout offered them all contracts with a fashion brand which they all accepted.

Amaris became a well-known model for years until resigning unexpectedly, opting to pursue a career in law enforcement. This action seriously strained her already stressed relationship with her family, especially her mother. While she is at odds with her mother, her father is held by her in a more positive regard. Upon graduation, she was given an officer position in Shade.


Amaris, as a rookie is shown to be curious and always eager to find a way to prove herself.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit



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