Parker promises and sets the man free. The 4 soldiers agree to go back to the states for reconnaisance around the Blacksite. They are about to retreat, when in a van outside the mansion an pair of technologists eavesdrop on the conversation. They hear the betrayal of the four soldiers and want to sign in the Pentagon.

Suddenly, a few knocks on the door. One guy opens it and is promptly shot in the head. The other guy jumps up in awe is coldbloodedly shot in the head. At the entrence, 2 Krazny operatives are standing with one holding a pistol. The other one looks around for witnesses.

They step in and close the door. One guy takes the computer and prepares to send a similar email to the Pentagon, only without the information about India Whiskey 142, saying it has been recovered and destroyed. This means that they only will target Parker and not the India Whiskey files.

The other Krazny operative calls Burzakov, saying that they sabotaged the email. They take the van away. They drive it into the water to get rid of the evidence. One guy then calls Burzakov, saying that the sabotage succeeded. Burzakov confirms it and then says that Parker shouldn't have betrayed him.

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