Time goes back to 2020. The Third World War is at it's height and the Allied forces are pushing towards Berlin, Behind enemy lines, Parker and his squad of the CIA Special Activities Division conduct a Snatch and Grab in a Russian naval base near the Black Sea. His squad exists of him, Sanchez, Carmine, Lawson and Martin.

They stealthily make their way into the gates and use their silenced weapons to take out unsuspicious guards. They make their way to a tower and ascent via the elevator. When it arrives at top floor, they kill a guard who steps into the elevator without looking up. 

The squad continues towards teh main deck. Martin opens the door and they rush inside, shooting the oeprators of the controls. Parker tackles an Admiral, who Carmine identifies as Burzakov. Parker picks him up and starts interrogating him. They ask for the whereabouts of the Russian commander division. Burzakov resists at first, but when Parker starts torturing im with a knife, he gives their location in Berlin. 

Lawson then says that the explosives are in place and Parker shoots Burzakov in the leg and tells him to try to survive. They barricade the door and hear Burzakov scream for forgiveness, but ignore it. The team proceed to the zodiac in the water, as they can see Burzakov jump out of the window from afar. Wondering if he survived teh fall, Parker tells them that that bastard is dead on the inside.


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